Vitalii Avgustavskiy

Vitalii Avgustavskiy, 6’8″, 215 is long, has solid basketball skills, grew up in the Ukraine, has great grades and is a redshirt freshman.  Vitalii red-shirted at Jacksonville College, TX last year and now is looking for a college that he can get he looks from the  D-1 universities.

Time will tell how Vitalii well fit into the talented AVC team.  I like how
he steps out and knocks down the long three’s.  Is he strong enough to bang with
the big boys?  Won’t be long before we know as Vitalii will have to practice
against “Big Reggie” 6’9”, 265, “Big D” at 6’8”, 245, and Larry Slaughter at
6’7”, 225.

Can he handle the ball well enough, is he quick enough and can he shoot well enough to be that pro sized wing?  Opportunities, opportunities.

Vitalii left AVC’s team mid-season.  He had not been getting playing time.

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