z-Jamar Reed

Jamar graduated in 2011 from Westview HS, Avondale, AZ.  He was their team’s starting shooting guard and led Westview in scoring and total points scored.

PPG=18.8, APG=0.7, RPG=6.4, Points=471

An impressive aside about Reed, is that he shot 68% 2FG, 44% 3FG, and 77% FT.  Looks like Jamar didn’t waste a shot unless he was going to make it.

Jamar says that he is looking at several academic majors;  communications or physical therapy.  His goals for the future are to transfer to a 4 year school on a scholarship.

Reed believes that he brings to Antelope Valley College a hard work ethic, a winner’s spirit, and a competitive edge.  After practicing with the AVC team, he knows that he must improve his ball handling, decision-making, strength and defense.  Jamar says that the college game at AVC is so much faster than the high school game and that requires quicker decision making and intense defensive play.  “Leave a player open on the perimeter for a split second and a three pointer is heading in or the player is around you for a layup”, said Reed.

I was impressed with Reed’s quiet demeanor and his insight on what he needs to do to succeed at this level.  A player to watch.

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