John Hamilton, 6’6”, 210, Forward, Freshman

John-Hamilton1_thumb.jpgJohn Hamilton, 6’6”, 210.  If I had to go war, this is the guy I would talk. “ said a AVC Coach.
John Hamilton joined Antelope Valley College last year after graduating in 2016 from Lancaster High School in Lancaster.  He went to work  academically, on the track, weight room, and on the floor.

Hamilton’s learned a lot last year from the Bigs from last years team who are now working out with NBA teams and another on D-1 scholarship in Tennessee.
It was a hard decision, but he and the coaches both agreed a red-shirt year would give him experience, additional strength, improve his shooting, and intensity he would need to make it to the next level.

It looks to me that he has a good chance get getting some solid time in the paint protecting the rim and ripping down rebounds.  It will be fun to see how he reacts to the competition in his first college basketball game in two weeks.