Jesse Burns, 6’8″, 275, PF, Center Sophomore

Jessie-Burns1_thumb.pngWhen Jesse Burns, 6’8″, 275, arrived at AVC from Lancaster High School last year he faced three main challenges; 1. College academics, 2. Carrying well over 300 pounds up and down the basketball court, 3. Practicing against 6’10”, 265 Anton Warren who is currently working out with the NBA.
Many 18 year old high school seniors would have just thrown up their hands and given up playing college basketball but not Jessie. Instead, he learned from every challenge and continues to overcome them. Lets take a look at these challenges for Jesse and how he has handled them so far.
College Academics…Jesse is attending his classes, he is passing his classes and is continues his eligibility to play basketball and heading for his college degree.
His Size…There is no questions that Jessie had a professional football offensive lineman body at 6’8″, 325 but, he was playing basketball. Add to that he is playing basketball in the up tempo California JUCO leagues dominated by guards. That didn’t stop Jesse as the track, suicide sprints, the weight room and the salad bar became his friends. Don’t get me wrong, Burns is never going to be a quick emaciated Big man but when you cut minutes off your mile runs and knock off many, many pounds and yet add muscle and strength, things are going well.
Practicing Against “Ace”…Jesse Burn got beat up in practice last 4summer by talented Ace Warren who had five more years of experience than him. No other way to explain the bruises he showed. But, Jessie never was pushed around and he gave as much as he got. I believe that Jessie down the road in his basketball career will thank his big nemesis for the toughness and skills he learned from him.
So what does this all mean for Jesse and AVC? Head Coach John Taylor said, “Jesse has lost a lot of weight and is starting to look like a good college basketball center.” “He is cutting minutes off his mile runs.”

30 July 2017

Jesse Burns was invited to the Las Vegas JUCO Elite 80 Showcase.  He showed his strength in the middle pulling down rebounds.  An excellent experience for Jesse to see what it is like playing elite D-1 quality players.