Anthony Mcintyre, 6’1″, 175, Guard, Freshman

Anthony Mcintyre

Saugus player Anthony McIntyre practices at Saugus on Wednesday. Dan Watson/The Signal. Dan Watson/ The Signal

Antelope Valley College welcomes Anthony Mcintyre, 6’1″, 175 Combo Guard from Saugus High School, where he averaged 10 ppg.  Arriving late at AVC, after playing a number of tournaments/games this summer including the Double Pump Tournament-Platinum level where he averaged over 20 points per game.

I talked to coach/former professional basketball player Rapheal Harris who is high on Anthony’s potential.  ” I think in college he will be a 1 or a combo 2. He has a nice handle on the ball with a variety of moves to shake defenders. Along with deceptive speed and strength.  He has the ability to change pace quickly and can dish the ball effective.”
“His strength is penetration and finishing at the rim even with pressure. He does have a consistent 3 point shot, and at times, can shoot well beyond the arc. Offensively he is very similar to Lemelo Ball.”

“Mcintyre needs to work on several area’s as he  tends to favor going right too much. He does not really pull up enough for  mid range even thought he can shoot it effectively. He has to learn how to play college defense from the ground up he shows good effort but lacks solid defensive principles. He doesn’t look too strong but he is fairly solid. However needs to get into the weight room for sure on the college level.”

Although it may take some time because of his late arrival, Anthony should add some solid depth to AVC’s guard cadre this year and beyond.