Angelo Solis, 6’4″, 200, Forward, Freshman

Lefty Angelo Solis, 2016 graduate from Burroughs High School arrived at AVC last year.  Angelo played the post for Burroughs and he knew that to make it at the next level he was going to have to change his skill sets, his position and that it was not going to come easy.
It became clear that Angelo was willing to give it his all to learn a new position.  He knew it was going take some time and both he an his coaching staff agreed a red-shirt year was necessary.
The five things that stand out the most about Angelo’’s improvement in the past yearshirt year are;  outside shooting, aggressiveness, unselfishness, strength  and his leadership.  Angelo still has a long way to go but his intense drive could take him over the top this year.  A player to watch.

27 July 2017

Angelo had a solid JUCO Shootout.  Played in all four games and showed his strength and potential on both ends of the court.


September 8, 2017

What a difference a red-shirt year can make!  That is if you use it like Angelo Solis did.  Playing the paint in high school( John Burroughs HS in Burbank)  he definitely was not going to play those positions in college.  Instead, he and the coaching staff decided that a year moving over to the small forward position would be a big advantage for Solis.  It looks like he exceeded all expectations!  In fact he reminds me of the European players that are currently the rage in JUCO basketball.  Well trained in the basics of basketball out of High School.

A very smart player on and off the court, he is always at the right place at the right time.  His three point shooting has improved dramatically over the year.  His time in the weight room(well spent) and the positions he played in High School  have made him a beast on the boards at his new position.  He sets the example of how a college basketball player should act, understands his role as a freshman and is a true quiet leader on the floor.  A great addition to the team.  P.S.  He knows his role on the team.