Chris Solis, 6’2″, 180, Guard, Freshman

Chris-Solis...shooter_thumb.jpgTwo long time friends…Chris Solis and Darik Pradia…drove in late last season after an invitation from AVC’s assistant coach Murphy.  The AVC team thrashed Santa Monica in front of a full house  and they were sold that this is where they wanted to play their JUCO ball. 

Wasting no time, they arrived lock, stock and barrel right after the season ended…no summer break for they had a college team to make. 

Chris graduated from Legacy High School in Las Vegas, NV in 2015 and is ready to concentrate on college academics and basketball.

Joining a good shooting team, Chris a combo guard, fits right in.  “Big Shot” is deadly from beyond the three point arc.  He knows that he has things to improve on;  “I believe that to get playing time as a freshman, I must learn to play shut down defense.”  “I have a decent handle but I want to improve my ball handling more.”

A Sports Medicine major, Chris knows the the AVC rules of “No grades, No play,” is going to be key to his success at AVC and the future.  “I would like to help AVC win a state championship and prepare myself to play basketball at the university level.” “I need to get my degree and then play basketball at the highest level possible.”

This is Chris Solis’ chance to succeed in basketball and college academics to assure success for him in the future. 

October 12, 2016

One of the “Las Vegas” shooting twins that joined AVC after a year in Prep School in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Chris has one of the pure three point shots that he can knock down from anywhere and and on the move. A shooting “Natural.”  There is no question that his shooting ability could take him to the D-1 level.  

As a new freshman, he is working hard on his concentration, defensive game and his academics.  Solis has been working hard on all key areas and I recommend this is a player to watch.  The young man is driven and if he continues this push, you many be seen a lot of him in the AVC rotation.