Charles “Scooter” Hall, 6’2″, 190, PG, Sophomore

Charles Hall SummerCharles Hall left the Antelope Valley in his junior year of high school when his family moved to Arizona.  He played his senior year in El Mirage High School. 

After graduating in 2013 he took two years off from organized basketball.  During that time he grew 4 inches and gained 20 pounds and joined Pierce College where he started in 2015-16 season as their  point guard.  

He left Pierce Community College mid-season last year after his head coach who recruited him, left the program.  He transferred to Antelope Valley College in the spring semester of 2016 carrying a full load academically and after fulfilling his academic transfer requirements, joined the AVC basketball program.  As the starting point guard for Pierce he scored 12.8 ppg and 5.0 assists.

Hall may be one of the strongest point guard AVC has had for  years.  Add to that excellent foot speed and outstanding court vision.  He seems to be a “pass first” point guard but it is a big mistake to let him open for a three point shot.  

He spent five hours a day working out this spring/summer including three hours with AVC and two hours with his teammates in 24 Hour Fitness pounding on the muscle.  Because he was so quick and small in high school, he was nicknamed “Scooter”.  The name doesn’t fit him very well any more as I have seen a 265, 6’10” post player and the 6’8”, 235 power forward bang on Hall as he slashes into the middle.  “Scooter” is strong enough to finish his layup or pass successful.  No soft stuff here.

There is no question who leads this team this year on the floor.  He demands excellence from all of the players and mentors younger players.  He has taught his teammates to always be ready for one of his accurate rocket  passes.  He is ready for the season to begin. 

July 2016

Charles was invited to the elite Las Vegas 80 Invitational in July where he put on quite a show for the 100’s of university coaches that attended the tournament.  Scooter had a great tournament and has drawn interest from a number of D-1 and D-2 Universities.