KJ Moffett, 6’2″ 190, Sophomore

KJ-Moffitt_thumb.pngKJ Moffett is entering his sophomore at Antelope Valley College.  As he showed in his freshman year, he is a very versatile player.  A true combo guard that is athletic with great hops who was the backup point guard, shooting guard and played occasionally at the shooting forward position in the 2014-15 season.  As the season progressed he got more KJ-Moffitt-Jumper.jpgand more minutes at the three positions.

Out of high school(Alemany), KJ did not receive the university offers that were satisfactory to him. He joined a local prep school out of high school and felt it was helpful for him. He got to play against bigger, stronger and experienced competition.

KJ’s major is Kinesiology and his short and long term goals are a college degree and then a well paying job.  He has excellent academics and is very unselfish and is a leader by example on the floor.   Keep an eye on this guy as his maturity and stability will add much to the AVC team this year.

October 2015

KJ Moffitt named co-captain of the 2015-16 team.

March 2015

This is the player that every team wants.  First man in the gym.  The shut down defender for the team.  Excellent academics, works a half time job in addition to full time college and playing college basketball.  The leader that can play the point, the shooting guard and the wing.  Does anything asked of him to win.  Gonna hate to see this young man head off to a university scholarship but a man sure to succeed.

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