Izayah Doyle, 6’5″, 195 Sophomore

Izayah Doyle at 6’5”, 195, from West Ranch High School joined AVC last year.  He played the power forward and post at times during his freshman year and was a beast on the boards. 

Izayah is academic qualifier who is looking to major in Administration of Justice. His short term goals are a University scholarship and degree. His long term goals are a well paying job and a happy life.

Doyle’s role could change this year based on the in coming class.  He is working hard on his mid-range shooting and ball handling.   Quiet hardworking student athlete.

March 18, 201Isayha-Doyle.png6  

What would have AVC done without Izayah Doyle this year? After AVC lost all five of their Bigs to injuries/etc, the coaching staff turned to their wing/power forward Izayah Doyle and boy did he come through.  Second in rebounding;  4.2 per game.  52% shooting percentage, 68% from the free throw line and much improved in ball-handling and mid-range shooting.

Izayah has the touch of being  where he is supposed to be in the set offense.  A point guard’s dream. Doyle can run the floor and battle in the paint.  Versatility!

In the two years he has been at AVC, Izayah has learned what it is liked to be a winner.  49-13 record and will do anything necessary to help his team win.  Another 70 hour a week man.  Full time college, college basketball and a half time job on the side.  Great grades.

Heading off to the next level.

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