Chris Martin, 6’0″, 170, PG, Sophomore


Antelope Valley College picked up point guard Chris Martin from Cal State LA where he played last year 19.2 minutes per game, scored 4.9 points per game, 39% fg shooting, 42% 3pt shooting, 2.0 assists per game, 1.0 steal, and had a 15 point high scoring game.

Martin was a walk on at CSLA last year and during the early 1/3 of the season had limited playing time as a freshman but as the year wore on,  he was given more and more playing time.  Chris statistics kept improving and according to him was starting at the point by year end.    When the season ended he was sure that he had proved his worth and would be awarded a scholarship for the last three years at CSLA.  Unfortunately for Chris that did not occur. 

Chris-Martin-Pass.jpgIt was a tough decision for Chris to leave CSLA as he loved the school, teammates and his academics were in good shape.  But it all boiled down to the fact that his family was not able to pay for the university costs.  Martin took e deep breath called Antelope Valley College assistant coach Mike Rios who had been following him at Price High School for years and had offered him a position last year at AVC.  The rest is history.

Chris was a star at Price HS  where he averaged 15 points, six assists and three rebounds per game.  As a senior he scored 26 points to lead Price (17-7) past Renaissance Academy, 79-76, in double overtime.  The following is a video of Chris Martin’s Highlights of his senior year at Price High School. 

In talking to Chis, he seems like a very mature young man, who is taking this all in stride and knows that he now has an opportunity of prove his worth at Antelope Valley College and ultimately hopes to receive a scholarship at other university next year.  Chris gives AVC great depth and experience at the point guard position. 

March 13, 2016

An outstanding year for Chris.  He led the Marauders at the point in scoring 10.0 ppg and 4.5 assists per game. Mr. Martin won the following awards during the season.

  1.  Named to top 100 JUCO  players in California

2.  Ventura Tournament- First Team All tournament

3.  San Bernardino Valley Tournament-First team All tournament

Great leadership, academics and skill set that will make him a stud point guard at the university level.

May 31, 2016



Corbin University offered AVC’s Chris Martin a full ride scholarship for two years.  The offer includes a baccalaureate degree with an investment of $80,612 in Chris’s future.

Chris showed what an outstanding team player he was helping lead the AVC team to the California elite 8 last year.  An outstanding ball handler and long range shooter from beyond the arc. 



Corban University teams, nicknamed athletically as the Warriors, are part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), primarily competing in the Cascade Collegiate Conference (CCC).  Last year’s team had a winning record of 16-13 and with Chris additional experience and leadership, they have a real shot of improving that record. 

The C. E. Jeffers Sports Center is a multi-purpose 1,500 seat sports arena in Salem, Oregon  where the Corban Warriors play.

Great decision of Chris’s part and I promise you Corban University basketball fans will be smiling at what Marin will bring to them in the next two years.  .