Brandon Wade, 6’3″, 185, Sophomore

Brandon wade passBrandon graduated from Eastside High School, Lancaster, CA in 2011.  He and the coaching staff decided that a red-shirt year would be helpful  to get his basketball game and academics up to a skill level after two years away from college and basketball.  Wade made the AVC team last year and was the backup two guard.  Always a deadly long range shooter he was assigned to improve his defense, passing and ball-handling which he did.

Never a man to shirk from hard work, Wade is a completely different player from the one that joined the AVC after two years off.  Shooting, defense, passing and ball handling now are college level.  Add to that 15 pounds of muscle from the weigh room and a world full of confidence.  Brandon said to me the other day, “This is my year.” “I own the two-guard position on this team and someone is going to have to play very hard to take it away from me.”

Brandon is looking toward to the future. His goal is to play D-1 basketball and go beyond if it is possible. No one knows yet how far Brandon will go in basketball but, we do know how how hard he will work to get there.

September 26, 2015

Brandon-Wade-Dunk.jpgI was reading an article about how leadership comes from within the player ranks in really successful college basketball teams.

With a nearly a completely new team this year at AVC, three year sophomore guard(red-shirt first year), Brandon Wade, 6’3”, 190 shooting guard/wing has stepped up his leadership roll.  Wade sets by example by  being early to every workout/practice, gives 110% at every workout, is a coach on the floor to the new players, not putting up with any shenanigan’s by other players, and is calm and under control.  Add to that, Brandon is the man the team looks to step up on the floor…when the opponent is making a run…and get things back under control. 

Looking for an outstanding year from Brandon Wade.

March 8, 2016.


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