Tim Gilmore, 6’3″, 195, Sophomore

Tim Gilmore JumperHe looks like a college basketball player at 6’3”, 195. He has all of the physical skills needed to be a star at the D-1 level. He handles the ball well. He can shoot the 3 ball as well as the mid-range jumper. Tim played behind sophomore shooting guard Lucciano Gamiz who is heading off with a university scholarship in hand. Gilmore was one of those unsung hero’s from last year who made the AVC team so deep and difficult to beat.

If you ask Tim Gilmore weather he was satisfied with his freshman year, he will say no. It took him time to get comfortable with the complexity of the D-1 offense and defense style played by AVC. Building confidence was key and as the season wore on, you could see it build in Gilmore. Defense was improving as well.

Its now up to Tim to step and take the open shooting guard for AVC. It won’t be easy as there are great players that will be ready to step in.

As I said last year, Tim Gilmore could be the “sleeper” on this team who could lead them to another conference championship, the playoffs and win the state tournament.

23 February 2015  The “sleeper” sleeps no more.  Gilmore with this energy, skills and aggressiveness, demanded that he start for AVC at the two guard.  With his D-1 size, skills and Dean’s list academics, he quickly was renamed the “silent assassin” for his deadly shooting.  Tim was named to the First Team All-Conference team in the Western State-South yesterday.

March 16, 2015

Tim accepted an opportunity to join “Athletes in Action” for their yearly international basketball team tour in Puerto Rico in May-June before he joins his University squad this summer.  Congratulations to Gilmore on this opportunity to gain international basketball experience.  Tim was named to the first team all-conference squad this year.

April 2015

Dean’s List Tim Gilmore signed with D-2 Texas A & M International for a full ride scholarship.


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