Shelton Boykin, 6’6″, 215, Sophomore

Sheldon Boykins.jpezHe walked into the AVC gymnasium with his family.  His gorgeous little girl who was dressed to the 9’s with a big smile on her face, her mom a local young woman who is on the AVC women’s basketball team, and of course that crooked smile on his face.

Shelton was carrying paperwork for 15 units of classes and he was talking about the night class he was taking and how his little girl woke up twice last night and how he hardly got any sleep.  The 6’6”, 215, made for basketball body, then got a worried look on his face as he dashed after his daughter on the basketball court as she dribbled a found basketball into a group of players.  Just a Dad protecting his little girl.

He is living with family in the Antelope Valley who have been very supportive of him stepping up and and making his own decisions.  Decisions that now must include his daughter and what is best for her in the long run.  His decisions, after all, he is a 22 year old man.

Who is this man?  It certainly is not the 18 year oldShelton2 arrogant “I am the best basketball player in the world” player that joined AVC from Long Poly back in 2010. The kid who lost his Long Beach State scholarship because of grades.  He is not the basketball player who left AVC after one year and is rumored of cruising through at least seven JUCO’s in the past four years never playing basketball during the basketball season but tormenting their coaches with the “what if’s” when he then moved on.

Shelton Boykin may be the most physically talented JUCO basketball player I have ever seen.  He has fire in his belly for the game.  He can shoot the NBA three, throw down thunderous dunks, rebound like a post player, and play defense like no other.  Has point guard vision on the floor for passes to his teammates.


Finally, joining AVC should be a God-send for Shelton. He has always had to be the big star for his teams or they would lose. At AVC, he has 14 team mates that have university level physical skills and a couple of potential pro level players in that group. He doesn’t have to prove he is a super star.The pressure is off.

The D-2 schools and the professional teams that are interested in Shelton KNOW he is a professional level player.  What they want to find out is whether he has become personally responsible, accountable and will lead by example at AVC.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESTwenty five minutes, 15 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists a game with great grades and accountability for his actions will be worth more to his future than anything else he could possibility do this year.  I’m betting on Shelton as he has all the right people around him and this is his time.

February 23, 2015  What a year so far for Shelton Boykin.  He has met all expectations.  Leads the team in scoring 18.8 points per game.  Leads the team in rebounding 5.9 per game.  Shot 52.4% playing the two guard, the wing, power forward and the post…where ever he was needed.  Verbal team leader.  He was named to the First All-Conference Team in the Western State-South.  In any other conference he would have been the MVP as well.  Most importantly, surrounded by other basketball “stars” and a outstanding coaching staff and supportive family, Shelton showed his maturity, academics and consistency  required at the next level.

May 13, 2015

The demand for the most talented player nationally going to Division II basketball,  Shelton Boykin is keeping me busy.  With four visits already under his belt;  two unofficial and two official  another big week for Shelton coming up.

Shelton Boykin had visitors last night:  The coaching staff from University of Texas of the Permian Basin (commonly called UT Permian Basin or simply UTPB) is located in Odessa, Texas.  The Falcon’s had a 17-12 record last year in the Heartland Conference, the same conference of Texas A and M International where AVC’s Tim Gilmore is headed this summer on a full ride.

On Thursday, Boykin boards a plane for Angelo State University in the Lone Star Conference who went into the third round of the D-2 NCAA national tournament with a 28-6 record.  A real power house in San Angelo, Texas. 


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