Josh Wade, 6’6″, 195, Freshman

josh wadeJosh Wade is a special basketball player.  He graduated from Sylmar High School in 2013 but was not eligible to play basketball at the University level due to grades.  Before Wade’s grade issue, he was one of the most highly recruited high-major D-1 players in California.

Fullcourt Press says in 2012:

Josh Wade 6’6” 2013 Sylmar (Sylmar CA)

Last Sunday was my first look at Wade and I definitely liked what I saw! While still raw in many ways offensively, Wade is a high-major athlete with a strong motor and has the agility to get out on the break and finish with authority. Was ineligible as a junior at Sylmar after transferring there last Fall from the Palmdale area. Best prospect at Sylmar since Tyler Honeycutt (UCLA/Sacramento Kings).

Josh took the 2013-14 year off to get his mind and life together.  He decided this past spring that he josh 3was ready to step back into the world of college basketball.  He actively began recruiting the coaching staff at Antelope Valley College to allow him to join the team.  Coach Taylor set some very strict rules that Josh had to live by.  Recently Wade completed all of the requirements and he was accepted on the team.

His next challenge was to be accepted by the talented group of sophomores that makes up the AVC team this year.  They won’t accept slackers.  He is playing with college players with 3.8 GPA’s and taking up to 22 units with a D-1 universities asking to set up visits.  It will be a cxhallenge for Josh. 

Josh will be majoring in Criminal Justice at AVC. 

Josh is one of the most physically talented players to join AVC.  Only time will tell how well he will use his talents and turn up his energy on academics.

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