Myles Conkrite, 5’10, 175, Freshman(Left Team)

myles_thumb.jpgMyles Conkrite, 5’10”, 175, Knight High School graduate in 2011(First Team all- Golden League) left the Valley after graduation when he was recruited to play basketball at Pierce College. 

Things did not workout for Myles on the basketball team at Pierce so he headed back in 2012 to the AV to tried out with the Antelope Valley College basketball team.  He was the last player cut from the team but decided to continue taking classes and working out with the AVC team.

Myles is back this year and is determined to make the team.  He has improved his outside shooting and is working hard to improve his ball handling and defense.  He is showing leadership and is one of the best conditioned athletes on the floor. 

Myles first and for most goal this year is to make the Antelope Valley College team.  He is a driven athlete that never misses a workout and always shows a great attitude on the floor. 

Is 2013 Myles’ year?  Stay tuned, time will tell.

August 2013 – Myles Conkrite decided that he would no longer be working out swith the AVC team. We all will miss Myles. He is a great young man.

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