Lawrence White, 6’4″, 210, Freshman

lawrence White2The phone just wouldn’t stop ringing the last few months for Lawrence White. In spite of that, academic qualifier did not get the D-1 offer that he wanted. Nearly every SoCal JUCO coach, their assistants and their friends have been burning up the “phone lines” to Lawrence. White made some visits but the visit that stuck with him was his stop at Antelope Valley College. He liked the depth of talent, the players personalities, and the 9 current players with university scholarships and the 7 current professional players from AVC. He also liked the up tempo D-1 style of play the AVC coaches preached.

The late bloomer from Burroughs High School led them in all categories with; 18.9 ppg, 3 apg, 8.2 rpg, spg 2.6, bpg 2.0. He played the point, the shooting guard, the wing and even a bit of power forward. He was named to the first team all-conference team for his excellence.

The best way to describe White is smooth. His ball handling is smooth, his moves into the lane are smooth, his shooting and passing with both hands are smooth. He has great vision on the court and with his length and long arms should be a beast playing defense. The coaching staff especially likes White’s basketball intelligence. He is picking up the system very quickly.

Lawrence is looking to play D-1 basketball and go as far as possible in the future. He is especially interested in becoming a fireman after basketball.

After Lawrence White announced today that he will be playing basketball at Antelope Valley College this year, Head Coach John Taylor is going to enjoy his 4th of July holiday just a bit more.



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