Ellis Bevins, 6’8, 215, Freshman(Left Team)

Antelope Valley College has added a long, athletic freshman to it’s 2013-14 team.ellis10

Last year, Coach Taylor was recruiting Ellis Bevins from Eastside High School in the Antelope Valley.   Although Ellis was not academically eligible to D-1 Universities, other teams were working hard to recruit him.  Ellis was offered a scholarship to La Jolla Prep, San Diego, CA which he accepted.  A disappointment for AVC but, you wish the player the best and offer him any assistance you can give him in the future.

Time passed and Bevins called Coach Taylor and asked if he could take classes at Antelope Valley College in the spring semester and work out with the AVC basketball team as La Jolla Prep did not meet his needs.   Coach Taylor of course was happy to assist Ellis in his request.  Ellis has his full 4 year basketball eligibility remaining.

EllisThe time Bevins spent in La Jolla has started the process of making a high school player into a man who will star at the college level.   Ellis obviously has spent many hours in the weight room and has a great drive to succeed.  AVC will complete the process.

At this point in his basketball career, Bevins has good post moves and is very strong, agile and is a powerful rebounder and shot blocker.  Like most freshman bigs, he will need to expand his current 8-10 foot shooting range.

Ellis’s goals include playing basketball at the highest level possible and to complete a degree in Physical Education.

August 2013…Ellis left the team.

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