Daviyon Draper, 6’7″, 215, Sophomore

daviyon2_thumb.jpgLocke High School’s Daviyon Draper’s had quite a year last year for the 20-8 Antelope Valley College. Hedraper layup scored just under 10 points a game starting at the shoot guarding/shooting forward positions.  He was named to the Foothill Conference second team.

As a 6’7”, 215 two guard or shooting forward , he drills the long 3 ball…drives into paint for a dunk, layup or midrange…blocks shots and keeps the player he is guarding in front of him.  He is so smooth doing it all.  All the good stuff a top D-1 school loves.

Draper has learned a lot at AVC this year including individual responsibility; mandatory study halls and attending all classes.  Playing on a team with men headed for D-1 schools who are bigger, stronger, and have high expectation from the freshman.  Learning 40+ plays and having dozens of University coaches watching him in practice and in games.

Draper will be a team leader this year on the AVC team and head coaches have already been visiting AVC to offer him a scholarship.  Gonna be a big year for Drape!

November 11, 2013

Ventura DrapeThe Drew League this summer opened Daviyon’s eyes on what it is like to play basketball against men…professionals and D-1 players.  Drape headed to the weight room with a vengeance and put on 15 pounds of muscle this fall and it showed in the Ventura tournament.  He was named tournament MVP  based on his all around play;  defense, rebounding, 3-point shooting, midrange shooting, team leadership.  Not the most flashy MVP but a man among boys who calmly led his team to a 3-0 start and Tournament championship.


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