Adrian “AJ” Jeffries, 6’4″, 212, Freshman

adrian weights3Adrian Jeffries, had a wild ride in high school.  He played at Morgan Park High School, one of the top teams in Chicago.  The team  was jam packed with talent including 6-5 Wayne Blackshear (now playing for Louisville), 6-4 Billy Garrette (DePaul commit & top 50 2013 recruit), 6-7 Jermaine Morgan (Colorado St. commit) as well as 6-8 Xzavier Taylor and 5-10 Markee Williams (both of whom are projected to be D-1 prospects in 2013).

Jeffries fit right in with these stars and as a junior, he was a part-time starter with a season double-double.  As he entered his senior year, a number of D-1 universities were pursuing AJ.  Then the injury occurred.  Adrian had a ankle sprain that required intensive rehabilitation and limited his playing time in his senior year.

Adrian and the coaches decided to last year that he needed to red-shirt to improve his shooting and defensive skill.  This year it is obvious that AJ has upgraded his aggressiveness on the floor and his mid-range shooting.  At 6’4”, 212 pounds, he has the size, strength, a power to defend and rebound at the wing.

This is AJ’s year, he is going to have to take advantage of every minute he gets on the floor.

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