zz – Skyler Northrup, Freshman

“I will do anything that the team needs.”  Skyler Northrup, 6’3”, 185, a 23 year old freshman 2-guard knows that he is fighting for one of the last slots available on a very talented AVC team.  Skyler transferred to Antelope Valley College from Weber State University where he unsuccessfully attempted to walk on last year.  “They had so much guard talent that there wasn’t a slot for me.”  “They liked my effort and potential but not having played high school ball they suggested that I transfer to AVC.”  “The Weber State coaching staff felt that AVC’s style of play would give me the experience I needed to transfer to a D-1 school.”   Northrup is another qualifier who can transfer to a university at any time if he is offered a scholarship.

Skyler moved to AVC and found a room near the college, got a job tutoring a student getting ready to take her bar exam.  He has applied for another part-time job as well as taking a full time academic load at AVC.

Northrup is a very focused individual.  His goal is to play basketball at a D-1 University and beyond if things work out.  He will be getting a degree in International Business and is becoming fluent in Spanish looking to the future in business.

Skyler knows that getting playing time this year will be tough.  He said, “I have played on AAU teams and was at Weber State.” “This AVC team is one of the most naturally talented teams I have ever seen!”  “If we come together, we will be hard to beat.”

October 11, 2012

Skyler Northrup was notified that he would not make the team this year but was invited to practice/workout with the team.  Skyler said that he was not surprised about the decision with the talent on the team and said that he would be at every practice and would “Continue to do anything the team needs.”

December 2012

Left team with injury?

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