4-Bracket – San Gabriel Shootout

Friday July 19, 2013(Click on Bracket)
San Gab Shootout001

Saturday, July 2013(Click on Bracket)
San Gab Shootout002

    • B Barnes says:

      looks like another great shootout,not sure if I agree with the scheduling though, some teams will play 2 games in 4 hours and might not have the personnel for this type of duration.

      • Cal Common says:

        Good point about the scheduling but the games are shorter than normal and I bet the coaches like it that way. Gonna miss some teams who are expected to be good this year. If I can work successfully with the folks running the shootout, I hope to post all of the scores on the website as the games end. Thanks for following JUCO basketball.

  1. B Barnes says:

    Thanks for reminding me,I had forgotten that the games were not quite as long.I would hope the teams that are not attending are not doing so out of embarassment,as you know in JUCO players come and go quite rapidly and it seems as though rebuilding is a continual process.
    B Barnes
    Citrus Class of 1956

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