3-Player Awards 2013-14





 11/09/2013  Luccinano Gamiz  Ventura  All-Tournament Team
 11/09/2013  Daviyon Draper  Ventura  MVP
 11/18/2013  Ismail Ali  San Bernardino Valley  All-Tournament Team
 12/08/2013  Ismail Ali  AVC  Most Inspirational
 12/08/2013  Daviyon Draper  AVC  All-Tournament Team
 12/15/2013  Daviyon Draper  Riverside  All-Tournament Team
 12/29/2013  Lawrence White  College of the Canyons  All-Tournament Team
 12/29/2013  Daviyon Draper  College of the Canyons  MVP
 3/20/2014  Daviyon Draper  Conference  First Team All-Conference
 3/20/2014  Ismail Ali  Conference  First Team All-Conference
 3/20/2014  Lucciano Gamiz  Conference  First Team All-Conference
 3/20/2014  Lawrence White  Conference  Honorable Mention All-Conference
 4/29/2014  Lawrence White  Team Awards 4.0 GPA Award
 4/29/2014  Lawrence White  Team Awards  Coaches Award
 4/29/2014  Lawrence White  Academic Award  President’s List
 4/29/2014  Zack Hollis  Academic Award  President’s List
 5/11/2014  Lucciano Gamiz  Academic Award  Honors Convocation Award
 4/29/2014  Lucciano Gamiz  Academic Award  President’s List
 4/29/2014  Lucciano Gamiz  Team Awards  110% Award
 4/29/2014  Adrian Francis  Academic Awards  4.0 GPA Award
 4/29/2014  Adrian Francis  Academic Award  President’s List
 4/29/2014  Tajee Shaw  Team Award  Most Improved Player
 4/29/2014  Daviyon Draper  Team Award  Team MVP

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