In the last 48 hours, a special thanks to the nearly 1500 readers of my blog, 1000’s more on the Facebook/Tweeter from 10 Countries all over the world.  Hope you enjoyed following the AVC team in the Summer JUCO Shootout.

The Antelope Valley College basketball team showed they have talent.  They also learned that they were not in the physical condition that they need to be and their team defense needs some serious work.  Great to find out these things early.

Day two showed that AVC hates to lose.  After running out of gas in the last five minutes on Day 1 against Chaffey and losing by 5, the team came out with a vengeance with two wins against San Diego Mesa 72-39 and Sequoia 63-54 winning both games.  There is no question that this team can score.  AVC is athletic, good size, experienced, talented, enjoy playing together and have a drive to win.  In the months to come when AVC adds a consistent defense, both individual and team, this is going to be a team to content with.

The new players and red-shirt returnees are going to have to step up to match the intensity of the returning sophomores who know what it is like to play in the State Tournament.  Jesse Burns, 6’8, 275, Miles Wise, 6’1″, 185, D’Mauria Jones, 6’4″, Osi Nwackukara, 6’4″, 205.  They want back in to win it all.  It can be done.




San Bernardino crushed NorCal Sierra 54 – 29.

AVC 63 Sequoia 54

Posted: July 22, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

It wasn’t pretty when Sequoia  tried to slow down the tempo. ABC still led and was pulling away and WHEN Sequoia tried running with the Marauders, the score ballooned into double figures.  Sequoia is much better this year and should compete with Fresno.  ABC ends four games with 3 wins. Learned much.  More later.

This team hates to lose and it shows.  AVC 72 SD Mesa 39. 

San Bernardino Valley decided to join the Shootout along with Cerritos today.  It will be fun to see how San Bernardino looks this year as they missed the State Tournament/Elite 8 last year and are sure to be chomping at the bit to make up for that.  They will be taking on NoCal Sierra College.

Home team Cerritos also missed State Tournament/Elite 8 so they have pounded on the talent and will be taking on at very talent Barstow who is loaded with foreign players who can really play basketball.  Should be a fun game.

LA Pierce is said to be loaded with big athletic players.  They will be tough especially with the unique style of basketball they play.

Finally, AVC, with two straight years of State Tournament/Elite 8 under their belt,  will be taking on big strong San Diego Mesa who is said to have the best post man in JUCO this year.  Heard he is playing with a broken finger but they have talent.  Add to that, AVC is also will be playing Sequoias College from central California who is always a hand full with their controlled half court style.

Should be a fun day.

The day ended up exactly where the coaching staff thought it would be this time of the year;  individual potential and lot of work to be done as a team.  AVC needs especially to  work on their defense both individual and team.  Add to that, the team ran out of gas in the second game against Chaffey.

Game 1  AVC 61  LA Trade Tech 53  AVC’s with its size and talent dominated Tech and the coaching staff got a chance to see a great deal of its second and third teams.

Game 2  AVC 43 Chaffey 49  Chaffey is far ahead of AVC in conditioning and defense and it showed as they led AVC as much as 13 points in the second half.  AVC caught Chaffey with 5 minutes left to go  and if they would have been in condition they would have won the game.  Instead, they ran out of gas and lost.

Its easy to be critical of the team this time of the year but individually, the players all had some flashes great stuff of what we can expect in the future.

Thank you to Coach David Nurse for the photo’s.