I haven’t been posting a lot of AVC basketball news the last month or so.  Don’t think that means not much is going on.  In fact all kinds of things are “cooking” as late winter and early spring is one of the times when key improvements and changes are under way.

Graduating players deciding which scholarship offers to take, red-shirt players very excited that their time has come, new players from universities, prep schools and national JUCO’s joining teams.   Add to all that activity stud High School players who have not been offered a university scholarship, are on their knees praying for a late offer but starting to look seriously at the elite JUCO’s.

Finally, all JUCO’s are actively recruiting this time of the year and elite JUCO’s who are used to making the state tournament every year and didn’t this year are especially stepping up to making changes to get back to the elite 8 and a shot at the state championship.  LOL you know who your are.

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David NurseDavid Nurse, Head Coach of Desert Christian High School, put on a workout for High School basketball players last Friday.  The college  representatives who watched the talented group of players at Desert Christian High School were impressed with their skill sets.

Thanks to Coach Nurse for taking the time to put together this workout for the Antelope Valley High School players who are looking to play at the college level.  P.S. Coach Nurse is also an excellent professional photographer…”A picture is worth a thousand words?”

What’s the best way to win your first NCAA tournament game?  Recruit a JUCO point guard of course who puts in 39 points to lead the team to their first NCAA Tournament game since 1984.  

Rob Gray, houston

Head coach Kelvin Sampson knew what he was doing when he recruited point guard Rob Gray out of Howard College, a JUCO in Texas.

It might have helped San Diego State if they had played more intense DEFENSE on this young man.

I don’t know the whole story on Gray but it looks like he was recruited after one year at his JUCO which means he was a “qualifier” out of high school.  Interesting thought. Many “qualifier” players out of high school pick up scholarship to a D-1 University and sit on the bench or find that they are not ready for the intensity of D-1 university life.  Other “qualifiers” don’t get that D-1 offer they want and head to D-2.  Nothing wrong with that.  Another alternative is to join an elite JUCO team for a year and show the D-1 Universities what you can do basketball and academically and get your choice of top schools.



The 2017-18 season ended in the State Tournament and as most experts predicted;  San Francisco City beat San Diego City.  Both teams are well coached and deep in talent.  Their players came as D-1 kick backs, out of state players, some of the best local HS talent who had some academics to contend with.  Nothing new here, the teams fell into place again this year.

Where there  was a big change this year was SoCal minus the San Diego geographic  area.  In the past two years, three new JUCO’s with  basketball  programs have opened their doors and have gotten into the JUCO recruitment arena big time;  Copper Mountain, Santiago Canyon and  Cerro Coso.  These schools and add special recruiting this year by Orange Coast College,  took some excellent talent away from teams who would have normally gotten them.  For example, Saddleback, Chaffey, Irvine Valley and  Compton did not even make the regional playoffs.  Other teams that did not have the year they expected were Mt. San Antonio and Mt San Jacinto.  Just not deep enough talent.

Finally three of last year’s SoCal State Tournament teams, AVC, East LA and Fullerton did not make it out of the regional playoffs this year.  All three teams needed one more top player in a key position to make it to the State.

Finally in my opinion, four teams this year  were by far the biggest surprises of the season;  Orange Coast, San Bernardino Valley, Cerritos and Alan Hancock .  Orange Coast and Alan Hancock recruited an excellent group of players that fit their head coaches basketball style this year and for the first time in decades, both teams made it to the State Tournament.  Great work!

Cerritos had a deep talented team that was one of the most consistent teams all season long and finally made it back to the State Tournament.

San Bernardino Valley was loaded with deep talent that fit their coach’s style.  I really felt that they had a great shot at winning it all but, a key late injury and several players who did step up to fill this loss kept this loaded team from making it out of the regional playoffs.

More later on what I expect this year.






UCLA goes down 65-58  to St Bonaventure who hasn’s been in a the NCAA tournament  since 1970?  17 turnovers for UCLA?  Open threes for St Bonni and easy drives into the paint? No scoring from the UCLA’s bigs.  Really looks like the three Cali teams(UCLA, Cal State Fullerton, San Diego State)  could all go out in the first round this year.  Is our only hope  San Diego State?


I woke up this morning and decided to take a look at the NCAA Tournament Schedule for 2018.  I was expecting to find at least six California teams on the schedule as we have by far the largest legal population in the United States and then you add on all the …. oh well must stay away from the politics.

Instead I found three Cali teams…all from SoCal…  I truly was shocked! The top seeded teams, UCLA #11 is in the “play-in round” #11 Bonaventure(is this a D-1 school?),  #11 San Diego State is playing in the first round against a #6 seed Houston.  Finally #15 seed Cal State Fullerton is playing #2 seed Purdue in the first round.  Very good chance all three Cali Teams will be a one a done.  By the way, Zero NoCal teams at all this year?

I was happy for Cal State Fullerton that they made the NCAA’s this year so I took a quick look at roster.  Five Cali players and 10 out of state or foreign players.  Is this going to be the key to success if all top Cali players go elsewhere?

I know where nearly all of the elite(D-1 talent with grades) Cal  JUCO players head every year…out of state D-1 universities.  Is the same thing happening for the D-1 quality High School Cali  players?  Kind of thinks so. WHY?


San Francisco City 82 San Diego City 72.  Not unexpected as they were LOADED with talent this year.  Congratulation to both teams.

Now the 2018-19 season begins!