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Julian Payton, 6’0″, 160, PG

Julian graduated in Los Vegas, NV,  from Bishop Gorman HS in 2016.  He was scheduled to join Washington Academy in North Carolina after his graduation but instead had shoulder surgery that required intensive rehabilitation.

As a senior in high school, Julian was ranked a 2-Star player and was described as a wiry point guard with very long arms, big feet and a great feel for the game.  He has ideal speed and quickness and his transition game is impressive.  He can pop in the floater or nail the 3-point shot.  He possesses good vision on the break.

Julian Payton ranking

Julian joins AVC after nearly two years of rehabilitation from his surgery. He is excited about getting back to basketball.  Julian stated he chose AVC as the team he would join as he rebuilds his basketball strength and game because it was highly recommended by basketball experts that he trusts.

Payton has a very realistic view of his future.  As far as basketball is concerned, he would like to improve as much as possible at AVC and then receive a university basketball scholarship.  “If all things work out for the best for me in basketball, I would love to play professional basketball overseas.”

“My academic goals for the future are to get a business degree and then a MBA.” “I would like to spend my life in the business end of basketball, possibly with the NBA,” said Payton.

When Julian Payton, 5’11”, 160 arrived at AVC he joined two friends/acquaintances at the college.  Jamar Kemp, 6’8″, 300 post player, sophomore is known via their families.  Both of these young men’s father’s were long time stars in the NBA;  Gary Payton, 1990-2003(13 years) and Shawn Kemp, 1989-1997(14 years) both with the  Seattle Supersonics.  Additionally, AVC’s Greg Floyd, 6’10”, 210 freshman shooting forward played in Las Vegas, Nevada when Payton played his senior year in high school there.  A “family” reunion!

Julian will be working as hard as possible to get himself back into top basketball conditioning in the months to come.  Payton could add a solid point guard skill set that would help AVC in the next several years.



JL0_7232I must admit I did not see all of the 50 teams in the three days I ground through 10 hours of basketball daily from morning to night but without a doubt I must say that AVC’s D’Mauria Jones, 6’4″, 215 Guard/Wing was one of the top three players I saw in the tournament.

Dee nearly played every minute of every game due to injuries of three AVC starters who were unable to play in the last two games.  Scoring in double figures every game, including an unbelievable run of  12 points in the last 90 seconds of a heart breaking  loss to El Camino.  Dominating the boards and the defensive end was impressive but to me the thing that impress me the most was his leadership on the floor.  His patience with the freshmen who often were playing many minutes beyond what was expected of them and he showed excellent control both in wins and losses.  Outstanding job Dee.

The line is just getting longer and longer for D-1 universities who want his services next year.

A message to D’Mauria, “Continue to put in the same effort you have shown last year into your academics this year as well.”  “Blow the universities coaches away with your grades.


AVC was very successful this weekend in showing the large crowd of university coaches the skills of their individual sophomore players.  Great step forward for these AVC players and their future.  That why the teams were participating in this Fall JUCO Jamboree.

AVC won two tough games on Saturday;

AVC 61 Cerritos 50

AVC 76 Santa Ana 53

During the Sunday  games, AVC was without three of their starters with injuries and lost both games.  Osi Nwachukwa, 6’4″, 205, Wing,  shoulder; Julian Payton, 5’11”, 160, PG, ankle; Jamar Kemp, 6’8″, 295, Center, knee.

AVC 71  El Camino 76

AVC 46  Copper Mt. 58

I believe AVC learned much during this tournament.

  1. They have solid core of talent.
  2. The “late-comers” are far from basketball shape and have much work to do to get there.
  3. Due to the injuries of the starters,  the freshmen got a lot of playing time in the  last two games and  frankly looked like “high school players.”  This experience should be a wakeup call for  them to  re-double their effort in practice to learn the system, get tougher especially on rebounding, and get much more aggressive.  This is a man’s game.

AVC has 7 weeks to get this team in physical shape and to toughen up the freshmen so they can be productive team members.  I expect that to some of the players, the next seven weeks of practices might look like the Bataan Death March.  You gotta do what you gotta do.











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AVC DOMINATED BY Copper Mt on boards.  No excuses they were out played.


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AVC is still shaking their heads at the 20 man full court press put on them by El Camino.  Without injured leading scorer Osi Nwachukwa, shoulder injury from hard foul yesterday and some late players this morning held out of the line up, AVC went down 23 to 4 to start.

Without D’Muaria Jones, it could have been worse.  

The nutty game ended up with El Camino winning  76-71 with Jones putting in 11 point in the last 90 seconds to make it close.  

It was a learning experience for AVC who missed 21 layups in their response to CHAOS ball.

 Coach Taylor and Rios looks says it all. Lol



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El Camino verses Santa Monica 

 El Camino playing 20 players with a 3 minute rotation of 5 players.  5 second time clock would work well.  Lost count of turnovers in first 2 minutes.  Fouls on every play but officials out of gas.  The 5 university coaches watching are stunned. 

Even with 3 minute rotation one player nearly passed out.  Half carried to bench.

 Final score El Camino 93  Santa Monica 89

I have been most impressed so far this year by how the physical JUCO talent has been re-distributed among the growing  number of JUCO teams.  Two new first year teams, Santiago Canyons and Copper Mountain, have put together impressive groups of talent.  They will be competitive in their first year.

Unfortunately, it looks like some JUCO’s, who have consistently been the doormats as long as I can remember,  might even be worse this year.  Some are so weak that they would have no chance against the red-shirt/grey shirt players of the elite teams.  I hate to be so brutally honest but…

The new NCAA rules that are in place this year that require mid-year review of academic standings of players could be a shock to teams who have not set up their academic programs and monitoring methodologies.  This could be the key of which teams win the conferences, make the state playoffs and win the state tournament this year.

I have been thinking about basketball teams that have not showed up at this Jamboree.  Do they think that not showing their players to university coaches is no big deal or their teams are so bad it makes no difference or that their teams so good their players are shoo-ins for scholarship?   My guess would be the stock answer for not attending  would be “funding.”   My way of thinking on that is you are doing your players no favors if you have not figured out ways to fund key aspects of getting them the best chance possible of a scholarship.  That’s what all this is about anyway right?