Sure it’s May 27, 2018 but snow still remains in Minnesota.  Sure its dirty and in a Minneapolis parking lot but its still snow.  Photo from my hotel window.


condeleezza rice

If Condoleeza Rice and the Commission on Basketball recommendations are going to be implemented, things could really  change in basketball in the United States.  Not only will “One and Done” disappear but NCAA college basketball players are NOT going to get paid like the pro’s.  Academics will stay.

The NCAA role will change a great deal as their high profile yet ineffective  investigations of basketball rule breaking will be outsourced to a private entity..   Hmmm, wonder how long this new private entity could remain clean from big school pressure and outside money?

Fascinating article below.

Things Must Change in College Basketball  60 Page Report



One Ugly day of travel!  

I learned something in the last couple of trips we have taken that included flying out of LAX airport...add an hour on to your travel time to the airport.  The 405 freeway to the airport and the airport itself are a disaster and getting worse.  Just made it in time in four hours from our home Palmdale.  Gonna make it 5 hours from now on.

The lines did not only happen going to and around the airport.  We were #15 in line to take off on the runway.  Added 45 minutes to our trip to Minnesota.  Added another 15 minutes do three circles around the MSP airport.  Why??? Who the heck knows.    Let then add nearly an hour wait after landing for our luggage to start coming down.  So full two hours of delay.

I am 5’10”, 190…average sized American man.  The coach seats in Sun Country Airlines were so small and uncomfortable the even a guy my size had numb spots all over.  Really felt sorry for the many people on the plane who are not average in size who really did not fit in one seat and had to walk side ways to move in the plane.   Guy next to me in the middle seat was about 5’7″, 250+, took up some of my aisle seat and the window seat as well.  Nice guy but he sweated a lot and we all got kinda wet.

In Minnesota safe, numb and in need of a shower.  Will sleep well tonight.




A famous D-1 University known for its basketball program, in a tough league(Summit), in a basketball crazy state(Oklahoma) and four top D-1 Universities…Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tulsa and Oral Roberts.  Will this be the big  stage for Antelope Valley College’s D’Mauria Jones????

D'Muaria Jones visit to D-1



oral roberts u gym

More to come!

Coach Frazier did not play basketball at AVC or Chico(coached there) but played/redshirted at Biola U and Skagit Valley College.  Thanks for the corrections! Keep them straight at Mira Costa coach!!

Coach FrazierWe are going to miss you Coach Frazier.   

Ryan Frazier accepted the head coach position at Mira Costa College in Oceanside, California.   Coach  Frazier will be working for former basketball head coach Pat Conahan who is now the athletic director at Mira Costa.

Coach Frazier, has moved up rapidly in his basketball and his academics career;

  1. Basketball player at Skagit Valley College and Biola University.
  2. Student Assistant Coach at Chico State U.
  3. Head Basketball Coach at Palmdale High School
  4. Assistant Coach at Antelope Valley College
  5. Assistant Coach at Cal State University Dominguez Hills
  6. BS Degree in Business from Azusa Pacific U
  7. MA degree in Kinesiology from Fresno Pacific U

Best of luck to you Coach Frazier in you new endeavors.

After visiting Sacramento State University, Osi Nwachukwa, 6’5″, 200 Guard, was a offered full ride scholarship.


Osi Nwachukwa