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As the readers of this blog know, we love to travel and watch AVC basketball.  Last year we did a D-2 driving trip from California to Texas, Louisiana, Missouri and all states in between to visit AVC players who were on full ride scholarship at a D-2 university and even one former player who was successfully  working on his real life career and out of basketball.  Great trip.

Now we are headed off on another trip that has a bit of Antelope Valley College basketball involved.  We are heading to Austria.  AVC players have played on two Austrian professional teams;  Allianz Swans in Gmunden and Furstenfeld Panthers.  Talk about gorgeous places to live and get paid to play basketball.

Reggie ArnoldLets start with Gmunden.  Reggie Arnold, 6’6″, 215 played his first year of professional basketball(currently entering his 6th year with Greek A-1 team).

Not too far by train from our apartment, we will be heading to visit this beautiful city and tour where Reggie hung out.  Should be a great day trip.  High in the Alps, wonder how cold that lake would be?


Dwan Po Caldwell tournament 4The second AVC player pro site is Furstenfeld, Austria where “Po” Caldwell, 6’8”, 235 played last year. 

Visiting this site is a challenge to get to as it is 5+ hours one way by train from our apartment.  We will just have to play this one by ear.

Wonder if Po stayed in that castle on top of that mountain?


Will let you know how our trip goes o Austria.  Must get the house sitter, neighbors train the “killer cats” for our absence.  My guess, the killer cats won’t even know we are gone.

imageSnow, family, 25 degrees and great family Easter get-together in Minnesota.  Arrived back home at 9 p.m. bounced all the way back home through a big storm that covered the country. 

The five days we were gone wiped out the “West Coast” and the “Big Ten” in the NCAA tournament.  Down to the final four. 

Looking forward to seeing how the AVC team is doing this week.  More later. 


Spring Semester starts today.  You hear the groaning from all directions.  Players have added twelve to twenty units to their already busy schedule.  They are practicing daily and playing conference basketball games twice weekly.  They are not complaining as they have won 16 straight games, lead the conference by three and have an overall record of 22-4.  They are a really good team.

Most of the players are in some kind of rehab to keep their bodies in good shape for the final four games, the playoffs and hopefully the state tournament. 

Especially for the nine sophomores, they are trying to push aside the multiple options they have for playing basketball at the next level.  Its tough though but needs to be done to keep their eye on the prizes;  state tournament and university scholarships.  Grades must be there and they need to keep winning!


The coaching staff  must monitor the players grades, their health and teach classes starting today. 

Add to that, working with universities who are recruiting their student athletes.  Sending out student athletes grade packages, talking to coaches, hosting coaches that want to visit practices and games.  AVC coaching staff has been especially successful(95%) in placing their sophomores with a full ride scholarship at the next level. 

Monitoring the long line of players banging on their doors who want to join AVC next year.  Evaluating potential.  Will they fit into the program, are they talented enough to join the team, of good character, back ground checks and academic potential. 

Attending high school basketball games.  Taking phone calls from parents and families of current and potential players. 

Then last but not least, keeping the team focused on winning the remaining games one at a time….winning the conference, the playoffs and the state tournament

Keeping the community support structure going.  Being interviewed by the newspapers.

And you thought college was basketball was all glory and fun.  Think again.  College basketball is nothing more than growing the players into educated men who can take the grind of life and oh yes, how to multitask. 


For you late-nighters.  Just got back after driving to our closest Foothill opponent…140 miles round trip all on 2 lane desert roads.  Oh yes, Highway 395 was shut down due to an accident so had to wind our way through Victorville to get to the game. 

Don’t have the stats yet but must say that this was a team win.  Every player on the bench played and did well.  Will add more tomorrow morning but here are three examples of how the game went. 

ChrisChris “The Thief” Bridges did not start as he is still rehabbing from an ankle injury.  Coach Taylor put him in about the middle of the first half to test his ankle.  In the 4 minutes he was in, he had 4 steals,  and three assists and really revved up the team defensively.  Never saw Chris again for the rest of game as he did his job and was not needed.  Oh, yes, his ankle is fine. 




Reggie Murphy, 6’9”, 275, got a rebound in the second half and headed the down the court dribbling a full speedReggie Murphy tournament 2 and picking up speed with every step.  Not a Victor Valley defender got in his road until he made the free throw line…Reggie was going so fast that when he saw the ‘”stock still” defender waiting for him, he lost control and was called for traveling.  The AVC bench went absolutely crazy and mobbed big Reggie at the next timeout.  The coaching staff didn’t look quite as happy.




Sean Boston tournament 4Sophomore Sean Boston, 6’4”, 205 wing has had a tough couple of years.  He red-shirted last year at Citrus and then transferred to AVC.  In his second work out, he landed on another player’s foot on a rebound and fractured a bone in his foot.  He had to have surgery and was the most dedicated player I have ever seen in Rehab.  His foot has been 100% for months but the year of red-shirt and the months of injury rehab slowed the coordination of his over all shooting and his game awareness.  “It” has been coming back every game and tonight it game back all the way. Intense defense, draining 3’s, mid-range jumpers, and thunderous dunks from all directions.  Without the stats sheet I am not sure but I believe he led the team in scoring and minutes.  Sean is Back!!!!  I like his timing. 


AVC heads into practiced tomorrow to take on state ranked #6 San Bernardino Valley at SBV.  One down AVC and 5 to go!

Heading out on a driving trip.  Stopping at Utah State University, Montana State University, and University of Mary in North Dakota.  We want to say hi to the universities that recruit AVC players that are on our route.  I should have photos of the Universities and thoughts about the campuses.

If my readers have news about the team in the next weeks, email it to me at   Thanks in advance!

Boise State Basketball

Posted: June 12, 2008 in Travel

We spent a good part of today touring Boise State University.  The campus is beautiful and has a plethora of great sports facilities.  We spent our time at the Taco Bell Arena, a 12,500 seat arena, where where Reggie Arnold will play for the next two years.

IMG_0040  IMG_0043

The facility is impressive!  We were toured by Coach’s Colman and Cleary.  The local grade school level kids were having a week long basketball camp.  The coaches were excited the "get their hands" on Reggie.  They said that with the graduation of 4 of their starters, Reggie was going to have to immediately produce.  I told them that that wasn’t a problem and to expect 25 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds a game.  Right Reggie?

IMG_0053 IMG_0063

The river you see is just behind the Campus and we walked across a bridge to downtown Boise and had a great meal at PJ Chang’s restaurant.  The snow you see in the next photo fell yesterday in the mountains just behind Boise at their closest ski area. 


Of course the girls are all waiting for Reggie’s arrival.  This one is two years old Reggie!! 

We found out that Boise State is playing Bakersfield this fall.  It would be a great opportunity to see how Reggie is fitting in on his new team.  Should be a great season.

Trip to Boise State University

Posted: June 11, 2008 in Travel

We arrived in Boise yesterday after a 800 mile drive through California, Nevada, Oregon and finally Idaho. 

IMG_0025 IMG_0030

The drive was spectacular and at times there was over 100 miles between between towns.  As we came down the mountain pass from the west on highway 95, the green valley where Boise is located spread out in front of us.  The western end of the Valley is filled with fruit orchards, vegetable fields and the Snake River.  The area is growing rapidly!  Housing tracks are coming up on areas that last year were vegetable fields.  The Boise metro area is over a 1/2 million people.

We are about to leave for Boise State University to meet with the coaching staff of the basketball team.  As you Antelope Valley basketball fan’s know, Reggie Arnold has received a scholarship at Boise State and should have a great career here.  We are on our way to the University.  Look for our evaluation and pictures of Reggie’s new home!