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“Wonderful workout today with the Milwaukee Bucks, great experience.”  said Antone Ace Warren. 

Pictures worth a 1000 words. 




Image result for robert reggie arnold basketball photosReggie Arnold, 6’6”, 215 shooting guard has just finished his 6tth year in professional basketball.  I had a long talk with Reggie who stopped over to say hello at the Antelope Valley College workout yesterday.  He has worked his way up to be one of the top ranked professional players in Europe.  He played for the Greek league this year and was in the top ten of scoring in the elite league with the A-1 level AGO Rethymno Aegean team and led his team to the playoffs this year. 

The Greek League has been one of the most competitive basketball leagues in Europe through the years, and it is widely regarded as the second best national domestic league in the world, after only the NBA.  It currently ranks among the best national domestic leagues in the world (excluding the NBA), such as Liga ACB in Spain and VTB United League (counts as the domestic league for Russian clubs). The average salary for the Greek League is $250,000, far from the NBA salaries, but for someone who has been very fiscally responsible like Reggie, he looks to be “slipping by” just fine thank you.  Smart young man planning for the future when basketball ends. 

Six straight summers, Robert “Reggie” Arnold, 6’6” 215 shooting guard who graduated from Antelope Valley College(Lancaster HS) has come home to AVC  from Europe..  After two outstanding years at AVC, he received a full ride to Boise State University where he led them to the NCAA national tournament.  He has played six years in professional basketball in Europe;  Austria(two years), Finland(two years) and Belgium(one year, Greece(one year)

Image result for photo of dewayne dedmon, spursJUCO players not that good.  No JUCO players make it to the NBA/Professional basketball.  Bull!  Take a look at Dewayne Dedmon who is playing for one of the best NBA teams in the playoffs.  So how did he do last night?

Dewayne Dedmon:

17 points (season high)
17 rebounds (career high)
2 blocks
1 steal

Take a look the AVC website and you will see that 19 Antelope Valley College basketball graduates are or have played professional in the last 14 years.  LIke I said before, JUCO players not good?  BULL!

Congratulations to Ace.  Warren has hired an agent and is planning to go from JUCO to Pro Basketball. 
ACE stuff

Below are our 2017 Top 100 Player Rankings. Our rankings are based on a player’s production at the JC level and potential at the next level.

Rank Player Name Height School Position Committed
1 Shakur Juiston 6’7 Hutchinson F  
2 Jeremy Harris 6’7 Gulf Coast State SF Buffalo
3 Jordan Brangers 6’3 South Plains SG Texas Tech
4 Tony Farmer 6’8 Lee College F  
5 Antone Warren 6’11 Antelope Valley (CA) C  
6 Bruce Stevens 6’8 Jones County PF  
7 DaQuan Jeffries 6’7 Western Texas F Tulsa
8 Eden Ewing 6’8 Tyler F Purdue
9 Semajae Haynes-Jones 6’2 Hutchinson PG Wichita State
10 Jared Wilson Frame 6’4 Northwest Florida State G Pitt
11 Roderick Williams 6’6 East LA College F UTEP
12 Shawn Olden 6’3 New Mexico SG TCU
13 Chris Darrington 6’3 Vincennes PG  
14 D’Angelo Hunter 6’6 Navarro SG West Virginia
15 De’Quon Lake 6’10 Iowa Western F  
16 Jeromy Rodriguez 6’8 Northwest Florida State PF  
17 Josh Webster 6’5 South Plains PG Texas Tech
18 Corey Davis 6’1 San Jacinto PG  
19 Kyvon Davenport 6’8 Georgia Highlands PF  
20 Gabe Grant 6’7 Three Rivers SF Houston
21 Troy Simmons 6’4 Polk State SG Pitt
22 Kareem Brewton 6’2 Eastern Florida State G  
23 Daryl Edwards 6’4 Northwest Florida State SG  
24 Kwinton Hinson 6’6 Tyler SF Washington State
25 Adrian Hicks 6’2 Columbia State CG  
26 Amaad Wainright 6’5 Trinity Valley Wing North Texas
27 David Simmons 6’4 Tallahassee SF Middle Tennessee State
28 Devin Thomas 6’7 Mineral Area College PF Indiana State
29 Hyron Edwards 6’1 Trinity Valley PG Texas Tech
30 Shannon Bogues 6’3 McLennan SG Stephen F Austin
31 Jorden Duffy 6’3 San Jacinto SG  
32 LaDarrius Chester 6’2 Lee College G  
33 Michael Miller 6’3 Shawnee PG  
34 Tyree Robinson 6’6 Odessa F New Mexico State
35 Dinero Mercurious 6’6 Daytona State SG  
36 Adarius Avery 6’5 Connors State SF  
37 Jason Burnell 6’7 St. Petersburg F Jacksonville State
38 Chris McNeal 6’3 Indian Hills PG  
39 Davion Cole-Johnson 6’4 Mississippi Gulf Coast SG  
40 Jalen Perry 6’4 John A Logan Wing  
41 Zac Cuthbertson 6’7 Mineral Area F UNC Wilmington
42 Zach Copeland 6’4 San Francisco City (CA) SG  
43 Wayne Stewart 6’7 Lamar SG  
44 Delfincko Bogan 5’9 Moberly Area PG  
45 Harrison Curry 6’7 Pensacola State F  
46 Reggie Scurry 6’7 Northern Oklahoma Tonkawa F Missouri State
47 Malik Dunbar 6’6 College of Central Florida SF  
48 Raynere Thornton 6’7 Gordon State F  
49 Deangelo Isby 6’5 Wabash Valley Wing Utah State
50 Roberto Gallinat 6’4 South Plains SG  
51 James Batemon 6’2 North Dakota SCS G  
52 Eric Cobb 6’10 Chipola PF UCONN
53 Tope Arikawe 6’8 Panola F/C  
54 William Tinsley 6’5 Lake Land College SG Illinois State
55 Andre Pierce 6’9 Lee College F TCU
56 Isaiah Bailey 6’6 Angelina Wing  
57 Dajon Streeter 6’4 Independence CG  
58 Montell McRae 6’9 South Plains PF  
59 Jachai Simmons 6’6 Midland Wing New Mexico State
60 Cam Reedus 6’2 Three Rivers PG Arkansas Little Rock
61 Eric McGill 6’3 Panola SG  
62 Dwayne Brown 6’6 Northern Oklahoma Tonkawa F Utah State
63 Ndene Gueye 6’10 Kilgore F/C St. Bonaventure
64 Shawntez Davis 6’8 South Plains PF Nevada
65 Ty Lazenby 6’5 NOC – Enid Wing  
66 Leroy Buchanan 6’5 Northeast Mississippi Wing Murray State
67 DaJion Henderson 6’7 Compton College (CA) F Tennessee State
68 Jordan Taylor 6’5 Coffeyville SG  
69 Raquan Mitchell 6’2 South Plains SG Colorado State
70 Brady Ernst 6’10 Indian Hills F/C Xavier
71 Eddie Reese 6’1 Northwest Kansas Tech CG  
72 Malik Petteway 6’8 Northwest Florida State PF  
73 Jaqwan McCauley 6’6 Tyler Wing Morehead State
74 Kani Coles 6’8 Pensacola State F Central Florida
75 James Harrison 6’7 Blinn PF  
76 Marlon Hunter 6’5 Odessa Wing  
77 Vance Johnson 6’9 Northeast PF  
78 Deante Strickland 5’10 Casper PG  
79 Roosevelt Smart 6’4 New Mexico G Arkansas State
80 Diontae Champion 6’6 North Platte Wing  
81 Jamil Jackson 6’6 Williston State Wing Southern Utah
82 Breaon Brady 6’9 Saddleback College (CA) F Houston
83 Boaz Williams 6’7 Collin County PF  
84 Davion Turner 6’8 Hill F Texas Arlington
85 Jonathan Sanks 6’4 Spartanburg Methodist SG  
86 Dani Koljanin 6’7 Monroe College F  
87 Anthony Adger 6’1 Spartanburg Methodist PG  
88 Ricky Dunnaway 6’8 Walters State F  
89 Ben Nakwaasah 6’1 Jacksonville G Utah Valley
90 Deishuan Booker 6’3 College of Southern Idaho PG  
91 Brandon Key 5’10 Southwest Tennessee PG South Dakota State
92 Dante Sterling 6’6 Northwest Mississippi Wing  
93 Deion James 6’8 Pima CC (D2) F  
94 Josh Boutte 6’6 Dodge City F UNC Wilmington
95 Anthony Smith 6’6 Feather River (CA) F  
96 Paul Turner 6’5 College of Central Florida Wing Green Bay
97 Roderick Sikes 6’1 Southwest Mississippi G  
98 Josh Stamps 6’5 Trinity Valley SG Florida International
99 Dante Thorpe 6’4 Triton (D2) Wing  
100 Travis Weatherington 6’3 Palm Beach State SG

Ace #5It was a tough decision for the big man but, the amount of interest from the professional level was very strong.  After a great year at Antelope Valley College “Ace” decided his college career was over and it was time to play with the “big boys.”  It doesn’t happen very often where a JUCO player moves directly to a pro team but everyone I have talked to agrees this is the right decision for Antone Warren. 

Here is some highlight video for AVC’s big man!

Antelope Valley CC’s Antone Warren (6’10, 265) has decided to forgo a college scholarship and will pursue professional basketball opportunities. He has signed with an agent and will declare for the NBA Draft. The center averaged 11.4 points and 7.4 rebounds in 17 minutes game per game this season. He also shot 63% from the field. These stats are impressive for a center at the junior college level.

Warren is the #5 ranked junior college player in the 2017 class and the #1 center. Warren possesses a unique combination of skill, strength, and size. He has great hands and feel in the post, using his strength to create low post position each time down the floor. He has worked tirelessly to improve his conditioning and it has showed. He is a presence in the paint on both ends of the floor and can also sprint up and down the floor.  He is a good athlete who has a massive frame.


The Spurs can re-sign Dewayne Dedmon this summer, but it will cost them.


by Jesus Gomez Mar 5, 2017, 7:20pm CST

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs really found a gem in Dewayne Dedmon. The four-year center is in the middle of a breakout year. The numbers — five points and six rebounds a game — are not all that impressive, but his defense and finishing ability are elite.

Most centers of Dedmon’s caliber get eight-figure deals, yet San Antonio managed to sign him for peanuts: $6 million over two years. The downside to getting that cheap production this year is that he has the ability to opt out in the offseason.

Unless something unforeseen happens, he will. And he will get a serious raise. So the question is, can the Spurs keep Dedmon long-term after this season? It’s complicated and it would involve sacrifices, but it’s not hopeless.

Let’s go through all the pertinent information.

The Spurs don’t have Bird rights to Dedmon

Dedmon has been with the Spurs for a year and will enter unrestricted free agency. San Antonio won’t have Early Bird rights to him (minimum two uninterrupted years with the team) or full Bird rights (minimum three uninterrupted years with the team).

That means the Spurs can only offer a small raise — 120 percent of his current salary — if they are over the cap. That won’t be enough to retain him. They can also offer him the mid-level exception, worth $8.4 million, which might be enough, considering traditional centers are not in high demand.

If Dedmon wants more than that, however, the Spurs could only retain him by carving out enough cap space to make a bigger offer. That would be complicated, because…

Pau Gasol is expected to opt in and Patty Mills has a significant cap hold

Gasol seems comfortable in San Antonio. He said not long ago that he expects to opt in on the second year of his contract, worth $16 million. It seems like a sensible decision, since he might not get that much elsewhere. Unless not starting becomes an issue, Pau will be with the Spurs next season, in all likelihood.

With Gasol on the books, the Spurs will have around $90 million in committed salary, assuming David Lee opts out of his minimum contract (very likely) and Bryn Forbes is waived. The cap is expected to be set at $102 million, which would give the Spurs $12 million to spend. Alas, that number is severely reduced once cap holds are accounted for.

I’m assuming Manu Ginobili retires, so no cap hold for him. Jonathon Simmons’ cap hold — a $1.6 million placeholder that goes on the books until he’s either re-signed, renounced or signs elsewhere — is not big enough to seriously affect the Spurs’ plans. Mills’ cap hold, on the other hand, is worth around $7 million.

If that cap hold is on the books along with Simmons’, the Spurs would only have around $3.5 million in cap space. If we add the exceptions at their disposal, which count against the cap unless renounced, they will be over the cap.

It’s unlikely the Spurs can keep both Mills and Dedmon

Mills should get an eight-figure deal easily in free agency. The Spurs could offer him more than anybody else, but to do so they have to keep his cap hold. That would make it impossible for them to make Dedmon a competitive offer, unless he’s happy with mid-level exception money.

Without Mills’ and Simmons’ cap holds, however, the Spurs could carve out close to $12 million. That’s less than Ian Mahinmi and Bismack Biyombo — players similar to Dedmon — got last offseason, but should be enough in next year’s market, which will feature plenty of centers.

If it isn’t, the Spurs would be better served trying to find another diamond in the rough rather than overpaying for a good but limited player. After all, those contracts signed last season are not looking great right now.

We are months away from free agency, so a lot can change

July is five months away. That’s a lot of time for surprises. Maybe Gasol decides to opt out. Maybe the front office is ready to part ways with Mills, hoping Dejounte Murray is their point guard of the future. Or maybe Mills wants to leave to start somewhere else. That would make the decision-making process easier.

There are also a lot of drastic moves that the franchise could be angling for that we have no way of factoring in right now. Point is, things could change.

For now, though, the best we can do is enjoy Dedmon’s play. If he continues to perform at this level and helps the Spurs go on a deep postseason run, expect the front office to do all it can to keep him.

Mike Scott AVC TournamentThe Antelope Valley College team is getting a very well deserved two days off from practice but not academics of course.  They are healing their aches and pains that every college basketball player has this time of the year.  They will be back at it tomorrow and in the next four days will prepare to implement the game plan to win their regional state playoff game against Citrus College on Saturday, 4 March 2016, 7 p.m. at Citrus.  If they implement the coaching staff’s game plan with the energy they have shown the last three games, AVC will be heading to the state tournament 9-12 March 2017 in Northern California.  More on this later.

I received a note from former AVC star PG Mike Scott, who is having outstanding year as a professional in Europe and recently signed with a big time agent who if I read it right, has NBA stars for clients.  AVC had has so many point guards that received full rides to D-1 schools including Mike who lead U of Idaho to the NCAA tournament.  I believe that Mike was the first AVC PG to sign with a two year contract right out College.

Mike Scott3I have had a number of nick names over the years but Mike Scott’s “Melly Mel” maybe one of the most unique.  After he got to know me it was always “Melly Mel.”  Mike took AVC to to the state tournament in his second year.  Thanks Mike for the kind words as we often think about the enjoyment and pride you have given us over the years.  #Marauder4Life.