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Osi DribbleAVC was the underdog in their final pre-conference game against against Cerritos College.  Cerritos with eight straight wins,  12-2 overall, was ranked #11 in the latest Coaches poll.

The coaching staff knew that to win this game, they would have to make sure the team went “back to the basics.”   And they did. 

AVC team played shut down defense keeping Cerritos’ field goal shooting percentage down to 33%.  AVC then dominated the back boards and out rebounded Cerritos 42-31.

On the offensive end, AVC, the top shooting team in the state, had great shot selection that led them to a shooting percentage(48.9%).  Add to that, AVC who has been struggling with free throw shooting(can you believe that), shot a solid 76.5%(26-34) last evening. 

Cerritos Team Statistics Antelope Valley
33.3% ( 19-57) Field Goal % 48.9% ( 23-47)
23.8% ( 5-21) 3pt Field Goal % 38.5% ( 5-13)
61.1% ( 22-36) Free Throw % 76.5% ( 26-34)
31 Rebounds 42

Nine of eleven AVC players played double figure minutes and wore down Cerritos in the second half.  One weakness that showed up in last nights game was 18 turnovers.  Looks to me that some serious awareness raising will take place in AVC preparations for Saturday, January 14, 2017, 3 p.m.,  conference kick off on the road against Barstow.

Overall, great win, against one of SoCal’s top ranked players for AVC.  



LANCASTER – The Marauder men’s basketball team seemed to be in complete control and even though unlikely turnovers and several missed shots around the basket, it was able to earn a solid victory over Cerritos College, 77-65, Tuesday night at Marauder Gymnasium.

"I thought we controlled the game. We were a little bit loose with the ball, but it’s a nice win," AVC head coach John Taylor said. "We could have made it easier on ourselves. We wanted to play a good team heading into conference."

The Falcons (13-3), entered the game ranked No. 11 in Southern California, and their only two losses came against ranked opponents. However, it was AVC’s stingy defense that forced Cerritos to shoot only 33 percent on the game.

D’Mauria Jones led the Marauders with 14 points in only 22 minutes of action. Charles Hall (12 points) and Antone Warren (11 points) were the other two Marauder players in double figures.

"This was a good win heading into conference. We’re heading there with a w," Jones said. "We didn’t play up to our full potential, but it was a solid game. We have to continue to play the way we’ve been playing."

AVC, ranked No. 13 in Southern California, has won four games in a row, seven of its last eight, and 11 of its last 13. It also snapped the Falcons’ eight-game winning streak.


They walked out of the locker room as a group singing at the top of their lungs…mostly out of tune but with true gusto. They had extended their current streak to 7-1 and spoiled West Hills 5-0 winning streak.    Even though they did not play close to their best game, they were a happy group winning a tough game on the road.  They are learning to enjoy winning as a team.


Led by sophomore Jailen Gill with 21 points…six dunks(9-10) and nine rebounds,  freshman Dee Jones coming off a 10 day hamstring injury struggled in the first half but found his rhythms in the second half to score nine points and snatched two steals to help pull out the game.  Add to that, Scooter Hall’s 12 points, four assists and three steals. “Ace” Warren ripped down 13 rebounds and put in eight points.

Three statistics stood out to why AVC won this road game; 

  1. Rebounding 53
  2. Steals 13
  3. Assists 15

Was this one of AVC’s best games?  Not by a long shot but a win on the road after a three and half bus ride always feels good and maybe the most important thing about this game was the growing team camaraderie and understanding of their roles.  


2016-17 Team2Its a long 4-5 hour drive to West Hill Coalinga College for a single game but its a way to toughen up the team for their future in University level basketball. 

If you look at the statistics of the two teams that will be battling it out this evening;  Antelope Valley College 6-5 and West Hills Coalinga 5-3, it looks like the road team(AVC) is going to have to play well to extend their 5-1 run.

Image result for busWest Hills is big with three 6’7” centers who lead them with 43.1 rebounds per game verses AVC’s 39.4.  Add to that, West Hills defense has kept their opponents scoring down to 54.6 verses AVC’s giving up 72.1. Finally WH Coalinga has a 5-0 run going.

On the other hand, AVC overall field goal shooting is 48.1% verses West Hills 43.1%.  AVC is scoring 78 ppg’s verses West Hill’s 78.6 ppg.  Add to to that, AVC team looks to be healthy and at full strength and seem to be gelling as a team. 

West Hills three leading scores are;

  1. Romario Sanders 16.6 ppg
  2. Steve  Coulages 15.8
  3. Darius Scott 15.3

It looks like the outcome of this game will hinge on AVC’s ability to keep West Hills off the boards, break down their defense and play consistent college level high energy team defense the whole game.  

I really enjoyed watching practice yesterday at AVC.  The energy of the team was phenomenal especially on defense.

Dee Jones1

Led by two high energy freshmen, Dee Jones, 6’4”, 195 and Osi Nwackuka, 6’4”, 190  who turn on the whole team, AVC is starting to look like the team everyone was expecting at the beginning of the season.

Osi FDunkFor you real dedicated AVC fans, you noticed that that I mentioned Dee Jones in the above paragraph.  He missed 10 days with a hamstring pull which is now healed and he is back and raring to go.

Been watching carefully freshman, Jessie Burns, 6’8”, 280 back up post man.  He’s improving every day and just missed a double-double in AVC’s 22 point road win against College of the Canyons.  He is learning the game and adding controlled aggression to his repertoire.

Jessie Burns1

Finally, it was great to see return after 6 weeks, freshman Will Harold, 6’8, 200 wing/power forward.  He recently lost his father and has been putting together family issues.  The team was thrilled to have Will back for the rest of the season.  He gives additional depth to AVC’s “Paint Machine.”

Will Harold


Getting ready to load up the car and head off to San Bernardino Valley’s Tournament where AVC kicks off the first game against 2-1 Grossmont College.  With AVC’s 1-3 record, they look to be a major underdog at all levels of this tournament. 

It will be interesting to see see if the newly implemented changes will make a different on how AVC plays as a team.

Jailen Gill drive

Jailen Gill, 6’8”, 215, Sophomore

Long Beach State U goes down big 3th straight

“These losses are helping someone but it certainly in not the team.”  Life Long Long Beach Fan.

11/13/16 atWichita State Wichita State Wichita, Kan. L, 92-55 Live Stream 

11/15/16 atNorth Carolina North Carolina Chapel Hill, N.C. L, 93-67 GT Stream 

11/17/16 atLouisville Louisville Louisville, Kent. L, 88-56 GT Stream 



Now that we are within three days of the start of the Ventura Tournament, the two pre-season JUCO polls have four teams at Ventura that are ranked and one team just missing the ranking.  What does that mean?  Not a thing except that this should be a very competitive tournament.

Antelope Valley #1 SoCal-Signal the Light, #6-CCC SoCal Coaches Poll

Pasadena City #12, SoCal-Signal the Light

Riverside #17 Coaches Poll

Ventura #20, Coaches Poll

Moorpark, Mentioned as close by Signal the Light.

The three remaining teams are probably not happy and will being coming into the tournament with a chip on their shoulder;

Orange Coast verses AVC

LA Valley verse Ventura

Palomar verses Pasadena

This should be a very competitive tournament.  See you there.  image

I woke up this morning(Sunday) and remember I did not have an article ready about AVC JUCO basketball. Unusual, as this teams has some real potential for going far this year. 

I believe that this dearth of things to write about is based on my belief that the team has reached its potential, that playing against each other, will will allow.  The team needs some real top notch competition that counts!  This competition will bring out a number of things;

  1. How well will the individuals fall into their roles/rotations and work together as a team?  i.e. team before individuals. 
  2. Consistency.  Will they play at a high level, game after game after game?
  3. How soon will the freshmen(7 on the team) learn the self control and use of their exceptional talent at the college level?

It all starts this week.

P.S.  Photo shoot tomorrow for the “Starting 13.”