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Chris Brdiges II, a 2014 graduate from Antelope Valley College who received a scholarship to NAIA Lindsey Wilson University family announced that he joined a long list of players who have signed a professional basketball contract.  Chris currently is on a short term professional contract in China and is expecting to come home with a long term contract. Keep up the good work young man.


June 27, 2017  Facebook


“Well baby boy it’s back to doing ya thing in China … I absolutely love the MAN you have become.. You are definitely living your dream and for that I am definitely PROUD of you.. Praying for safe travels.. You coming home this time was the BEST surprise ever.. Keep the Faith and stay Focused.”

Chris Bridges Tournament

Dewayne Dedmon has come a long way from his hours before practice with AVC’s assistant coach(also lead high school math teacher) learning the in’s and outs of algebra. 

Dewayne believes in ““Always try to associate yourself with and learn as much as you can from those who know more than you do, who do better than you, who see more clearly than you.

General” Dwight D. Eisenhower

  Its taken him along way and I expect its just a start for him. 

San Antonio Spurs' Dewayne Dedmon in action during an NBA basketball game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Matt Slocum/Associated Press

Dewayne Dedmon reportedly agreed to terms Tuesday on a two-year deal with Atlanta Hawks, per Shams Charania of The Vertical.

According to Sam Amick of USA Today, the deal contains a second-year player option and is worth $14 million in total.

Dedmon spent the 2016-17 season with the San Antonio Spurs backing up Pau Gasol. He averaged 5.1 points, 6.5 rebounds and 0.8 blocks per game.

While Dedmon didn’t provide a ton of offense, he delivered exactly what the Spurs needed on defense. According to, San Antonio had a 97.5 defensive rating when he was on the court compared to a 102.7 “On the Hawks, Dedmon will potentially step in as the starting center on a retooled team. They’ve lost stalwarts like Paul Millsap, Al Horford, Jeff Teague and Kyle Korver, over the past two seasons. It’s now a team led by Dennis Schroder, Kent Bazemore, and a handful of young pieces. Dedmon will work as an anchor for these players on the defensive end, looking to increase his production and get an even bigger contract in the 2018 offseason.defensive rating when he was on the bench.

dewayne - Copy


“Wonderful workout today with the Milwaukee Bucks, great experience.”  said Antone Ace Warren. 

Pictures worth a 1000 words. 




AVC was a well oiled machine last night.  The coaching staff put together an outstanding game plan that took advantage of Saddleback’s weaknesses and AVC strengths. The players implemented the plan perfectly.  Shooting a stunning 70% from the floor and 88% from beyond the arc, AVC never trailed against the #1 team in the state(National Massey Poll).  Add to that, AVC outrebounded Saddleback by 8 mostly offensive that led to put backs.  AVC held a double digit lead most of the game and when Saddleback would have a run, AVC’s defense would shut it down and buildup the lead up again.

Finally, individual efforts by team members that stood out;

  1. Ace Warren, 6’10”, 265, diving on the floor for lose balls.
  2. Cory Dollarhide 5-5 on three balls and led all scorers with 19. 
  3. Dee Jones outstanding on both ends playing shut down defense and put in 16 points and five rebounds.
  4. Reggie Byers played shut down defense and 12 points and five assists.
  5. Scooter Hall 5 assists, three key free throws in the final two minutes and took three charges.
  6. Jailen Gill put in 12 points and 9 rebounds..
  7. Big Jessie Burns played 14 key minutes on both ends of the court.



imageAs the hard core basketball fans of the Antelope Valley College men’s team headed to their practice last evening, they saw a very tall man heading the same way.  Very tall. He was with two other tall men and I must admit our heart may have skipped a beat thinking first are these our players who are late for practice or are these next year’s players checking in early!

Instead, it was NBA’s Dewayne Dedmon, 7’0”, 255 now starting for the San Antonio Spurs and two of his former teammates at AVC, Edwin Herrera and Jason Logan.  Dedmon flew home over the all star break to visit family and his long time friends.  Of course  to give a boost to AVC’s team in the playoffs. 

Its been one crazy year for the AVC basketball season as both the men’s and women’s team are playing in the first round of the playoffs on Wednesday;  Men at home at 7 pm against Santa Monica and the Women at Long Beach City.  Both teams want more than the first round as the article from the Antelope Valley Press documents. 

AVC men, women get set for playoffs Wednesday

As the Antelope Valley College basketball men put up a road map (Route 66) on the Marauder Gym scoreboard against Glendale in the first half Saturday night, Marauder Nation got downright jiggy with it.

With the Maroon and Gray up 66-29 at halftime, there were various chants of "TA-COS! TA-COS!," along with "BIG MACS, BIG MACS!" as though a Lakers or JetHawks game had broken out.

"If Newton were here, he could probably take care of them," wryly noted AVC Coach John Taylor, referring to the namsake of Marauder Gym’s Newton Chelette Court.

Alas, Chelette had to leave to coach his own Paraclete team.

The mischievous twinkle in Taylor’s eye wasn’t just about AVC’s irrepressible Hall of Fame coach.

The only Southern California coach to lead both men’s and women’s teams to the State Final Four has something even more appetizing than tacos or Big Macs in mind.

Say, a surprisingly long run in the State Tournament?

"We’ve had teams that had great seasons, and then we ran into a hot team in the tournament and it was over," Taylor said. "This year, we may just be that hot team in March."

It tells you the enormity of the cultural revolution Chelette and Taylor have wrought that a 19-10, co-championship of the Mountain State East Division season has some Marauder spoils ready to throw it back.

It’s the first time Taylor hasn’t won 20 games since 2010-11, when he tried to coach the Marauder men’s and women’s teams in the same season.

Maintaining intensity was a season-long issue. The Marauders sleepwalked through a loss to Barstow and often made overmatched opponents maddeningly competitive.

But Saturday made up for all of that. AVC hung 116 on GCC, the most points scored in 18 years and topped only by the 120 rung up one night in 1995.

It earned AVC a home date in the first round Wednesday night against Santa Monica.

Bring your tacos and Big Macs.

Santa Monica has a special place in modern Marauder lore.

It’s sort of like the place the docking of the Hindenburg has in aviation history.

Chelette’s seventh AVC team would have been the first in 32 years to reach the State Elite Eight were it not for three blind mice in striped shirts who instead authored a tutorial on officiating malfeasance.

As highlight videos go, the Zapruder Film was more believable.

That loss drove AVC to a 33-win season and the State Eight a year later.

Three more AVC men’s teams have made that journey since, including Taylor’s 2013-14 squad.

Monday confirmed just how special Saturday’s Sophomore Night truly was.

Coach Barry Green’s Marauder women also earned a playoff berth, at Long Beach City, on Wednesday night.

A season that began 4-10 ended with share of the MSC East title, and an 11-3 run.

It was a year the ladies could have bagged and tagged early, and forgotten about.

But they refused to.

And their defiance has made them anything but a comfortable opponent as the only part of any basketball season that is remembered gets set to unfold.

This Marauder playoff season, on both sides, looks like one that could build up an appetite.

No wonder Marauder Nation was having so much fun clearing its throats.

The Antelope Valley College Men’s team is putting the finishing touchs on preparing for what may be one of the big games of the year.  The team is confident but know this is a key win they need in their pocket toward the conference title and playoff seeding.

Adrian francisAdrian Francis, SG, AVC graduate who is a senior at Cal Lutheran University started his year on fire and then he injured his knee. Currently he is not playing but is hoping that Cal Lu will make the playoff and he will be ready to play.  Good luck Adrian. KJ Moffitt Jumper

Another AVC graduate playing at Cal Lutheran,  junior Kenneth Moffitt, combo guard, is getting more time on the floor replacing injured Adrian Francis. 

Just noticed that the weekly JUCO coaches poll has come out.  Unlike the Massey Poll who rewarded AVC with a jump to #9 from #12 state-wide for double digit wins…+39 over LA Valley and +29 over Victor Valley… the Coaches dropped AVC from #15 to #19.  LOL.  The difference is computer stats verses human thought.  Take your choice.

Finally, just to let the Citrus team know that the snow has melted so your trip up should be easy.  Photo below how part of the Antelope Valley looked two days ago.



AVC’s Ismail Ali is starting at point guard for his team and he already has 90 assists for the year(next team member with 27) and 7.9 ppg. 

We miss you Ish but you made a great choice for Bowling Green.  Go Falcons!