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Cory Dollarhide4

AVC’s Cory Dollarhide, 6’0”, 175 combo guard signs with Lewis-Clark College a NAIA program located in Lewiston, Idaho.  Lewis-Clark College played in the NAIA National Tournament last year and had an overall record of 23-11.

Cory, team captain, led AVC to to the California State Tournament and shot 42.0% from beyond the arc.  He was the second leading scorer for his team putting in 12.3 ppg. 

Dollarhide who graduated a semester early with his AA degree, worked out yesterday and he looked to be 100% physically.  “I’m finally back to full strength since my playoff injury.”  “I can’t wait to get back to basketball at Lewis-Clark.”  Dollarhill missed the last several games for AVC in the playoffs and the State Tournament with a hamstring injury.  Cory who was a very durable athlete at AVC says he will never forget how bad he felt not being able to compete in the key games of last season.

Image result for photos of lewis clark activity centerHead Coach Brandon Rinta made a great pick to rebuild his NAIA power house.  In his fifth season at the helm of the Lewis-Clark State College men’s basketball team, Brandon Rinta led the Warriors to their highest winning Rintapercentage in program history while winning 20-plus games for the fourth straight season.  For the third time in Rinta’s tenure the Warriors won the Frontier Conference regular season title, while capturing a second straight tournament title. With a 29-5 record, LCSC earned a No. 1 seed in its 11th trip to the NAIA National Championship for the first time in program history and finished the season as the 12th best team in the NAIA.


Ace Warren4The 66-64 loss on the road against LA Valley was not difficult to understand as LA Valley did the same to Citrus.  LA Valley plays extremely hard on both ends of the court.  When AVC shoots an abominable 17.6%(3-17) from beyond the arc, gives up 17 turnovers and 62% from the free throw line, you can expect a loss on the road.  AVC’s Bigs Ace Warren, 22 point and 11 rebounds and Jailen Gill (17 points 11 rebounds) had outstanding games but it was not enough last night.  It’s time…one win in the last four games…for the team to look at themselves and step up the energy if they want to participate in the playoffs.

Jailen Shot2


AVC’s combo guard, Cory Dollarhide, received his AA degree.  Congratulations team captain Cory.  Full time college, 1/2 work and outstanding basketball player.  Outstanding young man!  Leader of the future.



Cory Dollarhide1Cory Dollarhide was named the team captain for the 2016-17 season for Antelope Valley College.  Leadership, academics and outstanding basketball skills has put Cory into this role.

Cory had a great spring/summer at the Las Vegas Invitational where he started out his first game at the point guard with four straight three-balls.  Add to that a solid eight games in the summer and fall shootouts where he led AVC to a 7-1 record. 

As one of two players on the AVC team with extensive playing time from last year, Dollarhide is the leader that the young AVC team is looking to show them the way to the state championship.   Cory in his quiet way with his  knowledge of the AV system and his drive to win could just be the man to take this team to the “promised land.”

Everyone knows that Cory is one of the top three point shooters in Cal JUCO but now, he has added an intensive defense that uses every ounce of his speed and knowledge to show his team that both sides of the floor are equally important to get playing time and wins. 

Expect the AVC fans to stand up and cheer again this year for Cory but not only for his scoring but for his leadership and defense as well.

November 20, 2016

Cory was named to the all-tournament team of the San Bernardino Valley College Tournament leading AVC to the Consolation Championship.  Cory put in 40 points in the last two games of the tournament shooting 4-4 from beyond the arc in the championship game. Outstanding tournament.





Shoot 80% as a team from the free throw line 

Cory Dollarhide1One player that was always on the floor in tight games for the 25-7 Antelope Valley College elite 8 team last year was Cory Dollarhide.  There was a number of reasons for that but one of them was his 95.7% free throw shooting. 

Free-throw shooting will determine at least 3 or 4 games per year in a 30 game schedule. All close games, the ones that really count.. the state tournament games and conference championship games can be won or lost on the free throw line.

Although free throw shooting is usually looked at as an individual skill, it must become a mandatory team skill.  Take a positive, aggressive attitude in shooting free throws… take the attitude that the opponent made a big mistake in fouling your team, and you’re gonna’ make ’em pay for it!  Think positive!

What level of basketball has the best free throw shooting percentage?

NBA 75%
University 69%
High School 65%

So who are the best free throw players in the NBA?


So how good is the Antelope Valley team going to be this year in shooting free throws?  As the table shows, it is too early to tell yet but if the team adds consistency on the line and the new team captain, Sophomore Cory Dollerhide leads the way, there is a very good chance that AVC could reach their 80% goal for the year.

October 11 81.9%
October 12 55.0%
October 13 83.8%
October 14 100%
Total 81.4%