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Coming off a very satisfying upset playoff win on road last evening against Cuesta College, the AVC team was  back on the court at 4 p.m..  Arriving back at 1 a.m. in Antelope Valley, the alarm clock went off way too early for most of the players as they headed back to class.

Now the AVC team is preparing for the second round of the playoffs against San Bernardino Valley College on the road.  Many JUCO experts feel that San Bernardino may be the best team in the state based on their balance, size and talent.  Three 6’8″ or better big men, solid at the wing and ball handling at the point.  One of the best defensive teams  I have seen this year.   Add to that, San Bernardino is one of the best shooting teams in the state and is a bit hot right now;  13 straight wins and 9-0 at home this year.

Massey Rankings does not put out its predictions  on playoff games but my guess unranked AVC would be a 25-30 point underdog in this game.

On the other hand, AVC was a underdog last night as well.



Playing the best game of their AVC careers, freshman Angelo Solis, 6’4″, 200 and Sophomore Jessie Burns, 6’8″, 275 supported Osi Nwachukwa and D’Mauria Jones to pull out a tough playoff game on the road.  AVC shot nearly 80% from the free-throw line to justify the old saying, “Good free throw shooting will win you close games.”

D Jones, 19 points, 6 rebounds, 5 Assists

Osi Nwachukwa, 14 points, 6 rebounds

Angelo Solis, 13 points

Jessie Burns 12 points, 3 rebounds

AVC will be taking on #2 ranked San Bernardino Valley at  San Bernardino on Saturday in playoff round 2.

Jessie Burns1.jpg


Osi Nwachukwa



D’Mauria Jones



The 2017-18 team doesn’t seem to quite know who they are or what they are supposed to do. This is a team that crushed a Ventura team the should have beaten the undefeated (at the time) San Bernardino after a lack-luster loss to DeAnza. It’s a team that fought No. 3 Citrus to a three point loss. It’s also a team that has lead at halftime by as many as 16 points to some very good teams, only to lose. A team that has given up double digit leads with less than 10 minutes to go to lose.

But coach John Taylor, like last season, only wanted a chance at the playoffs because he feels this team might be very much like last year’s team that went from the 14th spot to the semifinals.

If they do, it will probably be in large part because of first team All-Conference performers D’Mauria Jones and Osi Nwachukwu. Jones is averaging nearly 20 points a game this season, while Nwachukwu leads in rebounds and can easily get the offense started.Surako Follings Jr., Julian Payton (threes), Angelo Solis and Gregory Floyd Jr. (underneath) will probably have their mark on things as well.

Stay tuned.  The games starts in 2 1/2 hours.




Just over 200 miles to Morro Bay and nice sea food lunch over looking the Morro Rock and the Pacific Ocean.  We are in our hotel getting ready for a nap so we will be prepared for the AVC verses Cuesta College game at 7 pm.



When I finish this post about tonight’s game between AVC and Cuesta, we will be loading up the car for the 200 mile drive to Cuesta College.  Yesterday’s practice for AVC was spirited and the team looked healthy and happy to take on the game.

Neither Cuesta or AVC are happy with their overall year.  AVC 16-14 and Cuesta 16-15.  On the other hand, both are happy to make it to the Round 1/Play in game.  Cuesta picks up one advantage…a home game verses a 400 mile round trip for AVC.


Cuesta is known for its three point shooting…35.6%…which AVC is going to have to defend.  If AVC gives up wide open three’s, the game could be over before it starts.  AVC on the other hand is shooting a 32.4% from beyond the arc.  Both team is shooting 45.4% overall.

AVC is dominate in free throw shooting 70.8% verses Cuesta’s 61.9%


AVC dominates on the boards 38.7 verses Cuesta 32.5.


AVC has 13.5 turnovers per game verses 12.5 for Cuesta.

Finally, AVC should expect a slow down game with zone defense while AV will try to up the pace and score in transition.

Time to load up the car and enjoy our trip to Cuesta College.

After stumbling to the finish of their season…lost 3 of their last 4 games…AVC slips in to  a “play-in” game against Cuesta College on the road of course.  AVC takes on Cuesta on Highway #1, 201 miles from AVC College on Wednesday, 21 February 2017,  7 p.m..

Playoffs 2018

We are looking forward to the game and oh yes, we might as well stay overnight just down the road at Morro Bay.  The view of Morro Rock from our hotel’s window.

Morro Bay

Nothing Libby and I would like more is a win at Cuesta, have an upscale seafood lunch,  a great breakfast and a comfortable hotel right on the Pacific.  We have it all under control and except winning the game.  That’s up to AVC team to get the win.


Congratulations to D’Mauria Jones and Osi Nwachukwa for being named to the 1st Team Western State All Conference Team.  Outstanding players for AVC for two years.  We are going to miss them next year but will be playing D-1 ball.  Outstanding!

Conference team from AVC