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After one year of college basketball at Antelope Valley College, Greg Floyd, 6’9″, 200 was offered a position with the LaVar Ball’s “Big Baller” JBA team.  According to information through out the net, players who play for this league will be paid $3000.00-$10,000 monthly and will not be required to do any academic work.  If this comes to pass, these young men will be considered professional players by the NCAA and will no longer be eligible to play college basketball.


The turnout to the Junior Basketball Association’s Southern California tryouts on Sunday may have been modest, but the session at the Momentous Sports Center in Irvine did yield at least one significant catch for LaVar Ball’s Big Baller Brand-sponsored NCAA alternative. Chief among the seven selections for the L.A. Ballers squad was Greg Floyd Jr., a 6-foot-9 forward from Las Vegas who had been committed to Long Beach State.

Greg Floyd Turns ProfessionalPlaying Professional for “Big Baller Brand”

Floyd Jr. is listed as a four-star prospect by ESPN and a three-star by 247Sports. The former Middlebrooks Academy standout spent this past season at Antelope Valley College, where he averaged 11.5 points and 5.6 rebounds in 18.5 minutes across 31 games (26 starts).

AVC Basketball Men

LA Baller Greag

Good luck to Greg in his basketball career.




20180411_161659Tim Rasmussen, BA, MA, CSCS was hired this year at Antelope Valley College to work with the athletic programs using Olympic based techniques.  Tim is a certified Olympic weight room trainer with degrees from…Azusa Pacific, BA, Concordia University, MA…but also is certified as a CSCS Olympic weight room trainer.

The Antelope Valley College basketball program is working with Rasmussen not only to improve the player’s strength but  to minimize injuries on the floor using his stretching and flexibility methods used by Olympic champs . This program will allow the team to be more productive on the floor with less injuries as well.

This program’s addition should lead to improved readiness for AVC players who will be entering University level programs on basketball scholarships.

They say that if you “think young” you will live a long time.  I’m not sure that is true but I know  its time for “Spring Break” for Libby and me.  As far as the AVC players are concerned, they will enjoy their spring break especially the players who heading our for D-1 visits.  More on that later…if I have time on my “Spring Break.”

dollarhide award

Looks like Cory hasn’t changed at all from his years at AVC.  He was awarded the “Champions of Character Award’ at Lewis-Clark State University.  Congratulations Cory!

cory dollarhid photo

Looking for a big senior year for Cory next year his senior year.






On 12 April 2018, the D-1 University of Albany in New York will be hosting a visit from Osi Nwachukwa.  Leading Antelope Valley in many key categories:

2nd on team, 14.9 ppg,

1st on team, 7.1 rebounds per game

1st on team, 1.9 steals per game

40.9% three point shooting

54.4% overall shooting

albany university

Coach Brown after a solid 22-10 year looks to take the next step up in the American East Conference by adding Osi Nwachukwa.

albany u, will brownalbany



When you have a couple top D-1 level guards(Dee Jones, 6’4″ 215/Osi Nwachukwa, 6’5″ 200)) that are graduating from your JUCO program, its very interesting to watch how hard  the D-1 coaches work to get the JUCO players they need to strengthen their team.

This NCAA tournament showed just how important top JUCO players can be to D-1 teams.  How far would the University of Houston gotten without Coach Kelvin Sampson bringing in JUCO point guard Rob Grey?

Good luck next year to some really hard working D-1 teams who are looking to step up to the next level with some really great talent;

University of Idaho, ID

Iona University, NY

Portland State University, OR

University of Albany,  NY

Tennessee Martin University, TN

James Madison University, VA




sister jeanWe are down to the final four this year in the NCAA tournament.  Not a single team anywhere near the West made it to the big time.  Three elite D-1 basketball schools and one mid-major D-1 school(Loyola U of Chicago).

  1. Villanova U, Philadelphia, PA Catholic…Order of Saint Augustine, 10,842 students
  2. Loyola U, Chicago, Ill, Catholic…Order of the Jesuits, 16,000 students
  3. University of Kansas, 28,447 students
  4. University of Michigan, 40,000 students

Three of the four teams are from the mid-west.  One from the east coast.

sister jean tees