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Antelope Valley College has been considered one of the elite California JUCO colleges  for men’s basketball for the past several decades.  The 2011-12 team played its way into the State of California State Tournament Final Four and put another banner in the AVC Gym!!  Add to that, AVC’s 2015-16 and 2016-17 teams played their pay into the State tournament/Elite 8.  The AVC program has placed many basketball players in D-1 Universities with full scholarships.  These universities include, USC, Nebraska, Ol Miss, Boise State, Portland State, Wyoming, Montana State, Northridge, Pacific, Iona to name a few.

In the past 10 years, 19 of AVC’s players have signed professional contacts(nearly 2 per year) and are playing in the NBA, ABA, Europe, Asia and South America.

Antelope Valley College provides a full time athletic academic adviser to student athletes.  If the athletes follow the coaching and academic pathway provided by the program, they have the best chance available of reaching their full potential to move up to the next level.  The following table show the success of Antelope Valley College student athletes in the past 10 years.

University Type # of Scholarships % of Total
D-1 20 46.5%
D-2 11 25.1%
D-3 1 1.0%
NAIA 11 25.1%
Total Scholarships 43
Professional Contracts 19

Copy of JL0_5711Steve moved to the Antelope Valley to be with his father after he graduated from Norcross High School, Atlanta, Georgia in 2015.  After he became a resident, he started college at AVC.  He heard about the quality of the Marauder team and decided give himself a chance to make the squad. 

Johnson’s first and foremost goal is to make the AVC team and learn what his role will be.  Secondly, he wants to get a university scholarship after he graduates from AVC.

Without a doubt, Steve’s strengths are his outside shooting and energy level.  He says he needs to improve in a number of area’s but especially in floor basketball IQ especially in the half court.

JL0_5777Welcome aboard Steve.    

John Hamilton1

“He is the guy I would choose if I had to go to war, “said a AVC Coach.

John Hamilton joined Antelope Valley College last year after graduating in 2016 from Lancaster High School in Lancaster.  He went to work  academically, on the track, weight room, and on the floor.

Hamilton’s learned a lot last year from the bigs from last years team who are now working out with NBA teams and another on D-1 scholarship in Tennessee. 

It was a hard decision, but he and the coaches both agreed a red-shirt year would give him experience, additional strength, improve his shooting, and intensity he would need to make it to the next level.

It looks to me that he has a good chance get getting some solid time in the paint protecting the rim and ripping down rebounds.  It will be fun to see how he reacts to the competition in his first college basketball game in two weeks. 

John Hamilton-Dee Jones

Track2Every basketball coach this time of the year will say;

  1. More shooters
  2. More Big Men
  3. More speed
  4. More slashers
  5. More athletes
  6. More experienced players
  7. More guys that are great team players with great academics
  8. More highly coachable players
  9. No dopers
  10. More players with great leadership and maturity
  11. Etc, etc, etc.

There never is enough of the good players you need to win but, this much I can tell you, AVC has a number of very talented sophomores coming back and they have a number of very talented freshmen with more on the way.

We will know more after the four games at the Summer Showcase, Cerritos College,  22-23 July 2017. 

Then the Las Vegas Elite 80 Showcase on 29, 30 July 2017 where AVC’s top sophomores will show top university coaches just how good they are.  The best of the best JUCO players are invited to this showcase.

With these eight under their belt, the coaching staff  for AVC will know just what they will be looking to add to their team.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

JL0_7217Gabe Solache, 5’10”, 150 guard, graduated from Morningside High School in Inglewood, CA in 2014. He missed two seasons since HS graduation for personal reasons/academic qualifications and played one season…2015-16…at College of the Desert. He was a dominant player during that year at COD where he shot 56-132 three balls(44.0%), started 22 games, scored as many as 29 points per game. He scored 18.0 PPG in the conference season during his edibility year.

With family in the Antelope Valley, he decided to transfer to AVC and is currently enrolled at AVC to get caught up on his academics.

In talking with Gabe, he says his main goal is to get a scholarship at a four year university and to get a college degree. “I am willing to do anything and play anywhere to be successful and to help AVC win.” “I know AVC always has top teams who place their players with scholarships.” “I think I can help them with my strengths; Great shooting and speed.” “I know that I am going to have to improve in strength and defense to get playing time at AVC and the four year level.” “I ready to do that.”

Solache basketball-wise reminds me of last year’s long range shooter for AVC, Cory Dollarhide who is received a full ride scholarship at Lewis and Clark University. Looks like a great pickup for AVC!

July 23, 2017

It should not have been a surprise but Gabe Solache had a great JUCO Summer Shootout.  He had long minutes at all four games at both the point and shooting guard.  Great shooting from beyond the arc, slashing into paint for layups.  Played like a sophomore.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Jessie Burns1When Jesse Burns, 6’8″, 275, arrived at AVC from Lancaster High School last year he faced three main challenges; 1. College academics, 2. Carrying well over 300 pounds up and down the basketball court, 3. Practicing against 6’10”, 265 Anton Warren who is currently working out with the NBA.

Many 18 year old high school seniors would have just thrown up their hands and given up playing college basketball but not Jessie. Instead, he learned from every challenge and continues to overcome them. Lets take a look at these challenges for Jessie and how he has handled them so far.

  • College Academics…Jessie is attending his classes, he is passing his classes and is continues his eligibility to play basketball and heading for his college degree.
  • His Size…There is no questions that Jessie had a professional football offensive lineman body at 6’8″, 325 but, he was playing basketball. Add to that he is playing basketball in the up tempo California JUCO leagues dominated by guards. That didn’t stop Jesse as the track, suicide sprints, the weight room and the salad bar became his friends. Don’t get me wrong, Burns is never going to be a quick emaciated Big man but when you cut minutes off your mile runs and knock off many, many pounds and yet add muscle and strength, things are going well.
  • Practicing Against “Ace”…Jesse Burn got beat up in practice last 4summer by talented Ace Warren who had five more years of experience than him. No other way to explain the bruises he showed. But, Jessie never was pushed around and he gave as much as he got. I believe that Jessie down the road in his basketball career will thank his big nemesis for the toughness and skills he learned from him.

So what does this all mean for Jessie and AVC? Head Coach John Taylor said, “Jesse has lost a lot of weight and is starting to look like a good college basketball center.” “He is cutting minutes off his mile runs.”

Jessie Burns1

I am looking forward to seeing how the coaching staff at AVC use the big man this year and how far “Big Jesse” will go in helping AVC win basketball games.

Charles Hall4Antelope Valley College announced yesterday, that the fourth of five of its graduating sophomores have been offered a full ride university scholarships or signed with professional agent .  Combo guard Charles Hall accepted a full ride to Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, Texas.  The NAIA university looks to be a good fit for Hall.

Hall will bring basketball skill in the back court along with leadership and academic prowess.  Congratulations to Charles and to his family on this step toward a successful life/career.