Reggie Arnold, 6’6″, 200, Mons-Hainaut(Austria)(Finland)(Belgium)(Greece)(France)

Just got a note from Reggie Arnold, 6’6”, 190 from Gmunden, Austria.  He has signed a contract with the Allianz Swans professional team.  As most of you know, Reggie graduated from Lancaster High School, played two very exceptional years at Antelope Valley College, and received a scholarship to Boise State University.  At Boise State, he led their team to the best records Boise had for 225953_116661581752510_100002260053568_153915_2330786_n[1]two consecutive years.

When Reggie graduated from Boise State, he headed home to Lancaster to say hi to the current players at Antelope Valley.  He made it very clear to them how important academics are to get to the next levels.  I hope this years team members were listening.

Reggie signing a pro contract was a by-product of utmost hard work, determination, grit and perseverance in the classroom and on the court. He was imageone of those few athletes who put in the endless practice hours on personal skill and mental development on the court and the classroom when the bright lights aren’t on and no one is watching.  Now people will be watching and Reggie will be getting paid for what he loves to do!

Poor Reggie!  Such an ugly place to live and play basketball.

August 2012

Reggie Arnold headed back for his Allianz Swans professional team in Austria.  He ledthe Swans last year in many categories and at the end of the season injured his knee.  The injury required surgery.  Typical of Reggie, he chomped at the bit to start his rehab which he accomplished in the spring/summer.  I expect Arnold to bounce back this season as he is a beast on rehab and was a track star his high school team as well as basketball.  Reggie always led the AVC team on the track when his team was doing conditioning.

Great year Reggie!

August 31, 2013

Antelope Valley College’s Reggie Arnold is heading this week for the 1st Division Namika Lahti, Korisliga, Finland. After his superstar two years in 2nd Division Allianz Swans in Austria, he was rewarded with a contract with his first 1st Division team.

July 9, 2014

Reggie signed yesterday with Namika Lahti pro team in Korisliga, Finland.  He was very happy with the contract and his team will be playing against international professional competition this year.   This is Reggie’s fourth year in playing pro basketball in Europe.

Congratulations to Reggie for his rapid movement up the professional ladder.




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