Daviyon Draper, 6’7″, 225, SG, Leiden, Holland, 2016

Seventeenth professional player in the past ten years for AVC, Daviyon Draper, 6’7”, 225, shooting forward has signed a one year professional contract in Europe;  Leiden, Holland. 

Recruited from Locke High School by Antelope Valley College, Drape was a dominant player for AVC who led them to two state playoffs.  He was heavily recruited by D-1 Universities and in the end signed with D-1 Florida International University.  He was a starter for them for both years and leading them in scoring as well.

I want to give the academic and coaching department a huge congratulations on all the work they did with Daviyon and never gave up on him.  A special congratulations to Assistant Coach/Academic Academic Advisor Mike Rios for an exceptional job well done!

draper dunk2