Daviyon Draper, 6’7″, 225, SG, Leiden, Holland, 2016, Greece Larissa-Faros, 2017-18

Seventeenth professional player in the past ten years for AVC, Daviyon Draper, 6’7”, 225, shooting forward has signed a one year professional contract in Europe;  Leiden, Holland. 

Recruited from Locke High School by Antelope Valley College, Drape was a dominant player for AVC who led them to two state playoffs.  He was heavily recruited by D-1 Universities and in the end signed with D-1 Florida International University.  He was a starter for them for both years and leading them in scoring as well.

I want to give the academic and coaching department a huge congratulations on all the work they did with Daviyon and never gave up on him.  A special congratulations to Assistant Coach/Academic Academic Advisor Mike Rios for an exceptional job well done!

draper dunk2








October 9, 2017

Draper to Greece

The AVC professional studs just keep moving up in the European professional ranks.  Daviyon Draper, 6’7″, 215 forward had a great year in Holland last year and was signed by one most competitive teams in Greece, G.Larissa-Faros.  Congratulations to Daviyon for his move up!