Ade Dagunduro, 6’6″, 210, Italy Pro Basketball

Ade Dagunduro, former AVC star, is now playing the pro game in Europe.  Ade just completed his 4th year in Europe;  one year in Germany, Division 2, and 3 years in Belgium in Division 1.  Ade is known as an outstand defensive wing is a leading player in Europe.

Adding to his already stellar reputation, Dagunduro is currently leading the Nigerian Olymic Basketball team toward the London Olymic games.  Outstanding player and individual.

August 25, 2012

Ade Dagunduro, is a outstanding basketball player and a really classy and
professional guy!  After two years with the Leuven Bears in Belgium and a leader
of the Nigerian Olympic Basketball team, Ade is headed to the elite level of pro
basketball in Europe;  Virtus Roma, in Italy.

August 3, 2016

Ade experienced an career ending knee surgery back in 2012 that ended his basketball career.



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