Sean Boston, 6’4″, 205, University of West Georgia, 2012, D-2

Sean Boston accepted a full scholarship at the University of West Georgia who had a 22-9 season last year and played in the NCAA D-2 tournament.   One of the main reasons that Sean signed was the outstanding academic credentials of the university.   Princeton Review named the University of West Georgia a Best Southeastern College.

Sean Boston transferred in last year to AVC as a sophomore.  The second day of workouts with AVC he went up for a rebound and landed on a players foot and fractured bones in the foot that required surgery to repair.  Many players would have just thrown in the towel but not Sean.  He never missed a day of practice post-surgery even in a foot cast.  He worked for two hours on the stationary bike while dribbling two balls and watching the practice.  Then of course he did his upper body with the team in the weight room.

After he was released by the surgeon to play, it took him awhile to play himself into basketball shape.  Sean reached his full potential in the last 6 games of the season where AVC played into the State Tournament final 4 in Sacramento.  In AVC’s final game,  Boston put up 14 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists.  For his efforts this year, Sean Boston received AVC’s 100% Coaches Award.

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