Jason Logan, 6’3″, 190, 2012 – Masters College, NAIA

With his grade issue solved, Jason Logan, 6’3, 190, defensive par excellence guard from Antelope Valley is going down the hill to Masters College.  One of the the most athletic players ever to play at AVC, Jason was offered D-1 scholarships last year but due to a last minute issue with a final class, the scholarships offer fell through.

Jason will be remembered not only for his thunderous dunks but for his tenacious defense.  He is quick, athletic, has great defensive technique and most importantly is willing to work hard to be be an outstanding defensive player.  Great pickup for Masters.

Congratulations to Antelope Valley College for its 4th player scholarship placement this season.

May 7, 2014

Jason Logan will be graduating this summer with a degree in Liberal Studies from Master’s University.  Logan’s plans for the future include a shot at a professional overseas contract. He would like to follow in the footsteps of AVC/Masters graduate Rapheal Harris who played professional basketball in Asia. Congratulations to Jason on his degree and best of luck on his plans for the future.

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