George McGrew, Cal State Dominquez Hills University-2011

George McGrew, 6’8”, 225, forward who played his sophomore year at Antelope
Valley College, will be playing this year at D-2,  Cal State Dominquez Hill
University.  Another blogger spoke with Dominquez Hill’s coach who verified that
McGrew would be playing there.  I was unable to verify this information on the
university website as it has not be updated since last season.

George had accepted a full scholarship at D-1 Iona University in New York but
did not meet the academic requirements at season’s end.  McGrew should
double-double with Cal State Dominquez and give them the forward they have been
looking for.  Good luck to George in his new endeavor.

March 28, 2012

George McGrew led the Cal State Dominquez Hills U in rebounding and scoring for approximately 1/2 of the 2011-12 season and then suddenly disappeared from the box scores.  Cal State Dominquez Hills basically stopped winning after McGrew left the team.  I noticed this week that his name disappeared from the roster of Dominquez Hills for the current season.  I have heard rumors on what happened but with no verification.  Currently I have no I have no idea about the status of talent George McGrew.

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