Charles Cole 2012, Lincoln University, D-2

It was meant to be.  Charles Cole is going to be Charles Cole Dunkplaying university basketball this year at D-2 Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Charles gained the nick-name “The Diesel” at Antelope Valley College for his strength and determination on the floor.  Cole played two years for Antelope Valley College and at 6’6”, 200 can run the floor, shoot the 3 ball, and rebound and should be a great asset Lincoln University.

According to his Facebook post, Cole announced that he had “signed away his soul” and I can see that smile of triumph on this face when he did.  Charles spent time on the Lincoln campus with the coaching staff and team and made a very informed decision that this was the university program for him.  Congratulations to the 6th AVC Marauder to sign a university letter of intent this year.



Update.  Charles started both years at the university and had  a great basketball career at Lincoln.  With 4 games left in the 2013-14 season, he fractured his right hand and needed surgery which ended his college basketball career.  Luckly he is a lefty and will be able to finish is academics and get his degree.

May 22, 2014

Completed his Baccalaureate Degree in  at Lincoln University in May 2014.  Congratulations “Diesel”.

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