Brandon Ruffin, 6’1″, 165, Guard, William Jussup University, 2016

ruffin-dink.jpgBrandon Ruffin, 6’1”, 165  Antelope Valley College,  picked up a scholarship at NAIA Dickerson University.  Brandon is a talented basketball player…the shut down defender for AVC…possibly the most athletic player they have had for years.

However, Ruffin’s athletic skills extend beyond basketball.  One of the top track competitors in California JUCO,  he was offered a number of college track scholarships.  Dickerson University took it one step further and agreed that they would allow Brandon Ruffin to “Walk On” in their basketball program.  Brandon is thrilled. 

I wouldn’t bet against Brandon making the basketball team.  He has the talent, skill, and drive to play.

July 4, 2016

Brandon Ruffin is heading back to Cali.  He spent last year in North Dakota on full scholarship for the track program and “walked on” to the basketball program and started for Dickerson State University.

William Jessup University recruited Brandon for its track program on a full ride and due to his transfer will be sitting out this year from basketball.  

August 8, 2017

Brandon will be completing his senior year at William Jessup University.  He is on track to graduate this year and will being running the 400m and is captain of the Men’s Track team.  Brandon says, “We are  ready to run against D1 and Olympians in the spring.  Graduating in Spring 2018 with a major in Kinesiology and a minor in Theology.”

Anther local young man who is doing great after graduating from AVC and receiving a scholarship and on the way to University Degree.


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