Antelope Valley College has been considered one of the elite California JUCO colleges  for men’s basketball for the past several decades.  The 2011-12 team played its way into the State of California State Tournament Final Four and put another banner in the AVC Gym!!  Add to that, AVC’s 2015-16 and 2016-17 teams played their pay into the State tournament/Elite 8.  The AVC program has placed many basketball players in D-1 Universities with full scholarships.  These universities include, USC, Nebraska, Ol Miss, Boise State, Portland State, Wyoming, Montana State, Northridge, Pacific, Iona to name a few.

In the past 10 years, 21 of AVC’s players have signed professional contacts(nearly 2 per year) and are playing in the NBA, ABA, Europe, Asia and South America.

Antelope Valley College provides a full time athletic academic adviser to student athletes.  If the athletes follow the coaching and academic pathway provided by the program, they have the best chance available of reaching their full potential to move up to the next level.  The following table show the success of Antelope Valley College student athletes in the past 10 years.


University Type # of Scholarships % of Total
D-1 20 45.6%
D-2 11 25.0%
D-3 2 4.5%
NAIA 11 25.%
Total Scholarships 44
Professional Contracts 20
  1. Kevin Erickson says:

    Did Reed verbal to Utah State after his visit?

    • melgru23 says:

      I will be seeing him this afternoon. Its a tough call on him. He has the skill set for an elite D-1 school but his dedication to academics until recently has been an issue. The school that gets him will have a bb stud but will have to make sure he does his school work. So far so good with us this year.

      • Mel Grussing says:

        According to Kyisean he had a great time at Utah State and was really impressed with the staff and facilities. He thought he would fit in well there but he has decided to keep his options for the time being.

  2. Kevin Erickson says:

    Thanks. I’m curious as to where he’ll end up.

  3. ryndo says:

    Do you think Kyisean Reed will make it to utah state?

    • melgru23 says:

      I am not privy to the details on Kyisean but I know that his is still in school and working on his required academics. My best guess is that we will not know till the end of summer whether he will be in Logan. He certainly is capable of doing the academic work.

      • ryndo says:

        Why did he get suspended? How good do you think he will be at Utah State if he gets there? Is he a good hard working kid?

      • melgru23 says:

        I am not in a position to discuss Kyisean’s suspension. That’s a coach/player issue. On the other hand I have known Kyisean for 3 years and he is a very nice young man who is smart. How he will do at USU(if he gets there) will depend a great deal on how he integrates into the style of play and with the team. He is so talented phyically so that he is at times a man among boys at our level.

  4. Kyisean Reed is working very hard at the moment and I expect him to finish all his academic requirements and become one of the best players ever to play at Utah St. Personally he’s one of the nicest, respectful and gifted person I have ever been around.

  5. ryndo says:

    When will the article on Kyisean Reed be up? Is he still going to Utah State?

    • melgru23 says:

      Checking with the author today. Hopefully it will be ready this weekend. No change on your question on whether Kye will be heading to Utah State…depends on whether he finishes his classes successfully. We all hope he does!

      • ryndo says:

        Does he still want to go there? Does the Utah State staff still want him?

      • melgru23 says:

        To answer your first question; I believe that Kyisean really wants to got to USU. As far as the second question; I would think so…even though top university programs seldom face the student athlete issues that JUCO basketball programs have regularly. I think Kyisean will bring a phyical skill set to the program that if he had been there this year might have taken the USU team a step further or more in the NCAA tournament. Some times however, to get the things you need, there can be a price to pay. Time will tell whether the price is worth the outcome. Kyisean is a nice young man and very talented basketball player.

  6. coop says:

    What happened to Shelton Boykin?

  7. sl280906 says:

    What’s the word on Daviyon Draper?

  8. Neil Small says:

    Your site says that the next home game is Monday and Cerritos and AVC’s schedule say it is January 10th not the 9th. Which one is it?

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