Are the Fall JUCO Jamboree’s Worth Your Time and Money?

Posted: September 12, 2018 in AVC Men's Basketball

If you are a JUCO fan, a JUCO coach/player or a University coach recruiting for a player(s) for your team, is it worth your time to go to the Cerritos Fall JUCO Jamboree(14, 15, 16 September 2018) and the San Francisco City Jamboree(23, 23 September 2018)?

For the JUCO Fans

Fall Jamboree’s are the best time to get your first look at your JUCO team as all of the players who will playing for the team are at the college.  They no longer can transfer to another college till next year, so what you see is what you get.

If you are like me who ends up paying for hotels for Jamboree’s, the hotel cost is much better in the Fall,  $50 less per night than the summer in SoCal , EXCEPT, keep in mind San Francisco still will cost you over $200+ a night in the Fall. Painful for me.

One thing I will keep harping on is that the Jamboree administration does not keep score and game stats which are dear to the fans, coaches and university coaches.  I know it cost money to hire scorers and the Jamboree administration say the university coaches just want to watch the players and don’t care about the stats and score.  Some of the fans do their best in getting the scores out on the net you fans that are non-attendees.

For the JUCO Coaches/Players

I really can’t see any reason why a JUCO coach would not want get his team into the Jamboree except for cost.  A look at his players for the first time against real competition.  Playing teams with varying styles.  A view of how individual team members react to competition. Finally the players get a realistic view on how far along they are individually and as a team.  Great stuff over all.

For the University Coaches

Candidly,  these recruiting guru’s are there looking at a couple of players who they know everything about but want to see then again or possibly for the first time. Probably following them since high school.  They will look at other players that strike their fancy if someone unexpected shows up.

Candidly, except for local coaches, due to cost, most out of state coaches would not attend unless the are recruiting High School players, visiting families etc.  if the NCAA recruiting time frames allows.

Finally, I’ve noticed that the third day of the Jamboree(Sunday) is sparsely attended by University coaches.  Wanting to get home is my guess.


Although the Fall JUCO Jamboree’s are not perfect, I believe it is worthwhile for fans, Coaches/players, and recruiting university coaches to attend.  I hope to make both jamboree’s.  See you there and keep an eye on my website and twitter.

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