John Staggers, 6’3″,190, Freshman

Posted: September 11, 2018 in AVC Men's Basketball


For you long time  Southern California basketball fans, this name may ring a bell.  If so you’re very astute!  In 1988 John Staggers played for Crenshaw High School and was named as the 4-A player of the year in California.   The John Staggers on the AVC team is his son.

John played at the PG/SG at Dorsey HS where in his senior year(2017),  led the team with 16 ppg, 7 rpg, 8 apg.  He headed off to a Cyfair Center Prep School, Houston in 2017-18.

Staggers has  good physical size for his position,  terrific frame with excellent length and a scorer’s mentality.  He gets into the seams of the defense and has athletic body control while converting in the paint. His jump shot is smooth in the mid-range area off the bounce.  John Staggers believes his best strength is his passing.

Video John Staggers Dorsey High

Personal statement from Staggers; “I’m just an coachable kid trying to get my education and get better in the classroom and on the court and prepare for real life.”

The AVC team and John Staggers could join in a symbiotic relationship making both entities better than the individual.    Stagger’s talent in leading on the floor on both the defensive/offensive ends.   AVC’s quality coaching, talent, academics and university contacts for placing him with  best possible scholarship.

Could be a key player for AVC for the next couple of years.








  1. Frances Williams says:

    This young man look good and ready great choice