Early Look at Antelope Valley College

Posted: September 5, 2018 in AVC Men's Basketball

The Antelope Valley College basketball team is within eight days (14,15 September) of playing its first Jamboree games at Cerritos College. Opponents still not announced.

I am looking forward to these four games for a couple of reasons;

  • The team and the coaching staff will get a feeling of how they stand at this time against JUCO competition.
  • The team has a majority of talented freshman and a few experienced sophomores who will look to meld both in defense and offense.

My first impression of the team is that it will be quite different from AVC teams from the last five years when AVC was big, experienced, average long-range shooters,  average ball handlers, and depth.  This year’s team is deep in talent, average sized JUCO team, potential for being one of most talented group of point guards, good long range shooting at all positions and relatively inexperienced with race horse speed.

If this team melds together well and plays defense/offense like their talent and speed are capable of, they could look a lot like Fresno City’s typical team later in the season. Much too early project the outcome of their season but one thing I will predict they will be a lot of fun for fans to watch.

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