Antelope Valley College Basketball Program Hires Certified Olympic Weight Room Trainer

Posted: April 12, 2018 in AVC Men's Basketball

20180411_161659Tim Rasmussen, BA, MA, CSCS was hired this year at Antelope Valley College to work with the athletic programs using Olympic based techniques.  Tim is a certified Olympic weight room trainer with degrees from…Azusa Pacific, BA, Concordia University, MA…but also is certified as a CSCS Olympic weight room trainer.

The Antelope Valley College basketball program is working with Rasmussen not only to improve the player’s strength but  to minimize injuries on the floor using his stretching and flexibility methods used by Olympic champs . This program will allow the team to be more productive on the floor with less injuries as well.

This program’s addition should lead to improved readiness for AVC players who will be entering University level programs on basketball scholarships.

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