NCAA Basketball Finals: Saints verses Mid-West BB Monsters

Posted: March 26, 2018 in AVC Men's Basketball

sister jeanWe are down to the final four this year in the NCAA tournament.  Not a single team anywhere near the West made it to the big time.  Three elite D-1 basketball schools and one mid-major D-1 school(Loyola U of Chicago).

  1. Villanova U, Philadelphia, PA Catholic…Order of Saint Augustine, 10,842 students
  2. Loyola U, Chicago, Ill, Catholic…Order of the Jesuits, 16,000 students
  3. University of Kansas, 28,447 students
  4. University of Michigan, 40,000 students

Three of the four teams are from the mid-west.  One from the east coast.

sister jean tees

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