Spring; Quiet Intensity and Action!

Posted: March 22, 2018 in AVC Men's Basketball

I haven’t been posting a lot of AVC basketball news the last month or so.  Don’t think that means not much is going on.  In fact all kinds of things are “cooking” as late winter and early spring is one of the times when key improvements and changes are under way.

Graduating players deciding which scholarship offers to take, red-shirt players very excited that their time has come, new players from universities, prep schools and national JUCO’s joining teams.   Add to all that activity stud High School players who have not been offered a university scholarship, are on their knees praying for a late offer but starting to look seriously at the elite JUCO’s.

Finally, all JUCO’s are actively recruiting this time of the year and elite JUCO’s who are used to making the state tournament every year and didn’t this year are especially stepping up to making changes to get back to the elite 8 and a shot at the state championship.  LOL you know who your are.

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