Houston’s JUCO Point Guard Whacks San Diego State In First Round of NCAA Tournament…67-65

Posted: March 16, 2018 in AVC Men's Basketball

What’s the best way to win your first NCAA tournament game?  Recruit a JUCO point guard of course who puts in 39 points to lead the team to their first NCAA Tournament game since 1984.  

Rob Gray, houston

Head coach Kelvin Sampson knew what he was doing when he recruited point guard Rob Gray out of Howard College, a JUCO in Texas.

It might have helped San Diego State if they had played more intense DEFENSE on this young man.

I don’t know the whole story on Gray but it looks like he was recruited after one year at his JUCO which means he was a “qualifier” out of high school.  Interesting thought. Many “qualifier” players out of high school pick up scholarship to a D-1 University and sit on the bench or find that they are not ready for the intensity of D-1 university life.  Other “qualifiers” don’t get that D-1 offer they want and head to D-2.  Nothing wrong with that.  Another alternative is to join an elite JUCO team for a year and show the D-1 Universities what you can do basketball and academically and get your choice of top schools.



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