Where Are All the Elite Cali D-1 Players Going???

Posted: March 13, 2018 in AVC Men's Basketball

I woke up this morning and decided to take a look at the NCAA Tournament Schedule for 2018.  I was expecting to find at least six California teams on the schedule as we have by far the largest legal population in the United States and then you add on all the …. oh well must stay away from the politics.

Instead I found three Cali teams…all from SoCal…  I truly was shocked! The top seeded teams, UCLA #11 is in the “play-in round” #11 Bonaventure(is this a D-1 school?),  #11 San Diego State is playing in the first round against a #6 seed Houston.  Finally #15 seed Cal State Fullerton is playing #2 seed Purdue in the first round.  Very good chance all three Cali Teams will be a one a done.  By the way, Zero NoCal teams at all this year?

I was happy for Cal State Fullerton that they made the NCAA’s this year so I took a quick look at roster.  Five Cali players and 10 out of state or foreign players.  Is this going to be the key to success if all top Cali players go elsewhere?

I know where nearly all of the elite(D-1 talent with grades) Cal  JUCO players head every year…out of state D-1 universities.  Is the same thing happening for the D-1 quality High School Cali  players?  Kind of thinks so. WHY?


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