Is the Season Over for AVC? No Way! Finishing the Academics Most Important Part of Season

Posted: February 27, 2018 in AVC Men's Basketball

Now that the Antelope Valley team’s games are over, the coaching staff/academic advisor are going to have to turn up the pressure  and monitor the players to continue their academics.  I have seen far too many players both at AVC and throughout the California JUCO lose interest in their classes this time of the year and lose University Scholarship offers.

I promise you players, if you don’t complete your academics, your offer of a scholarship offer will end so fast that it will make your head spin.  Are you ready for working for minimum wage?

Two of AVC sophomore players and one freshman player have multiple D-1 full-ride scholarship offers;

  1. D’Mauria Jones, 6’4″, 215, Guard
  2. 0sinachi Nwachukwa, 6’4″, 200 Guard(Qualifier)
  3. Greg Floyd, 6’10, 200, Shooting Forward(Freshman not eligible for University transfer without AA degree.)

In addition, AVC has two additional sophomore graduate players that are being recruited.

  1. Jamar Kemp, 6’8″, 300, Post(qualifier)
  2. Jesse Burns, 6’8″, 285, Post







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