Brutes Verses Fodder in Second Round of JUCO Regional Playoffs

Posted: February 24, 2018 in AVC Men's Basketball

bruteIf Vegas would be interested in these four games, they might take them off the board because the Brutes;  San Diego City, East Los Angeles, San Bernardino Valley, and Citrus have all the advantages.  All of them are well rested with a week off, are playing this game at home and are ranked in the top 10 in the State.  Vegas would give all of the Brutes a 20 to 30 point advantage tonight.

Add to that, their opponents the Fodder;  Long Beach City, Santiago Canyon, Antelope Valley and San Diego Miramar,  have some how scrapped their way into the second round with unexpected wins.  Lets use Antelope Valley College as an example.

AVC was never ranked by the Coaches Poll in the top 20 of the state this complete year. fodder They scrapped along to finish with barely a .500 record.  Somehow they upset their first round opponent on the road after a 200 mile bus trip.  They played all the top teams this year but, AVC looks to be the team that every top team wants to play in the second round of the State Playoff.  Much the same with the other Fodder teams.

Long Beach verses San Diego City

Santiago Canyon verses East Lost Angeles

Antelope Valley verses San Bernardino

San Diego Miramar verses Citrus

If you are betting man…I’m not…this should be an “Over and Under” night for you.

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